About INDRP (.IN Dispute Resolution Policy):

The .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ( INDRP) sets out the terms and conditions to resolve a dispute between a trade mark owner and the registrant of domain name . Only disputes related  to the registration and use of the ‘.in’ extension ( including third level extensions such as,, , ..etc) are covered by the INDRP. To settle the dispute, the .IN Registry has the responsibility to appoint an arbitrator.

About INDRP Arbitrator:

The arbitrator has to conduct the arbitration proceedings in accordance with the Arbitration & Conciliation Act ,1996.  IN INDRP system , registry very likely appoint a single member panels to resolve the disputes . Arbitrator schedules the proceedings, hears arguments  of both sides and gives their arbitration decision. 

The below arbitrators have been chosen by NIXI after having proved their qualifications. They have signed a Declaration of Impartiality and Independence form, under which they shall discharge their responsibilties. 

Mr. Amarjit Singh
Mr. Ankur Raheja
Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh
Dr. Ashwinie Kumar Bansal
Mr. C.A. Brijesh
Mr. Dipak G Parmar
Ms. Divya Balasundaram
Ms. Harini Narayanswamy
Mr. Harshavardhan Sancheti
Mr. James Mukkattukavunkal
Mr. Jayant Kumar
Ms. Lucy Rana
Mr. Nikilesh Ramachandran
Ms. Pooja Dodd
Ms. Rachna Bakhru
Mr. Rajiv Singh Chauhan
Mr. Ranjan Narula
Mr. Rodney D. Ryder
Mr. Sampath Sridharan
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh
Mr. Saravanan Dandapani
Mr. Shirish Chintamani Inamdar
Mr. Sonal Kumar Singh
Mr. Sudarshan Kumar Bansal
Dr. Sudhir Raja Ravindran
Dr. Vinod Kumar Aggrawal
Mr. Visheshwar Shrivastav

We will be covering about each of the arbitrator in the “KNOW YOUR HONONORABLE INDRP ARBITRATOR SERIES”.


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