Know how to register a domain name?

Do you know how to register a domain name? If the answer is “no”, please continue reading further to know why and how a domain name is important and how to register it?

Before we get to know how to register a domain name, it is very important that you must know the importance of a domain name, why you need it and what are the benefits of registering a domain name.

Know how to register a domain name?

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is a unique identity (name) hold by an individual or businesses which is register with a domain registrar to create their own space on the internet.

Why you need a domain name?

You need a domain name to make your unique identity on the internet. If you are running a website individually or an organization or a business you must invest in a domain name to establish your presence on the internet.

Benefits of registering a domain name

  • If you have a domain name, website and email addresses will help you or your business to appear more professional.
  • Another important reason that you should register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks.
  • To keep your brand unique, building credibility.
  • It increases brand awareness and search engine positioning.

The domain name has two parts

Top Level Domain (TLD)

if you take “.com” which is also called a parent domain. These domains give hints to the visitors about the particular domain name (owner).

For Example-

  • “.gov” is used by the government websites,
  • .org for organizations,
  • .uk, .us, .ca, .in indicates the location of the owners.

Second Level Domain (SLD)

It gives the identity of the owners such as business name, owner’s name or the occupation of the person.

For Example-

  • or or

How to register a domain?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ) regulates the domain names. You can register your domain name with the help of domain registrars available on the ICANN website.

Hunt for a domain name

Think of a good name, search and research whether your chosen name is already taken. It shouldn’t match with others.

 Domain name

Choose a registrar or web hosting service

While choosing a registrar, remember to check their hosting policies and pricing. has a list of reputable domain registrars. Here you get another option of Park your Domain.

Domain name
Park your Domain


If you don’t have a website yet, there is an option for you to park your domain which is done temporarily using a website set up by a domain registrar.

Be ready with your credit card

Keep ready your credit card or PayPal accounts you will need it to pay for the domain as you will be asked immediately upon the application of a domain name.

Add details

Fill up your details such as personal information and contact details to your profile for the “WHOIS” database.

Once you reach the registrar’s site, you will get an option to enter the domain you want (a search box). The site will see if the given name is available or not if it is and if you wish to continue then proceed with your details and pay for it.

Go to add your domain name and search if your domain name is available if it is available add to cart and continue.

Sign in- Billing information- payment- Complete

Domain name

After the completion of details and payment, the domain will be yours!






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