Log.in Domain Name Has Been Sold

Log.in domain name has been sold on Sedo last week for 4000 Euros. It is important to note this domain is short category LLL.in domain name, also a keyword.in and also domain name hack(can be used as Login word) domain name. As per who is the world’s second largest web hosting company 1&1 is the new registrant.

It is a great acqusition by 1&1 , please join us congratulating both the buyer and seller. 🙂

Recap of historical sales:

Few similar names are sold in the past, we have shared the same list for your quick reference. Comparing the previously reported sales, Log.in domain name purchase is too smart purchase and clearly undersold.

  • Seo.in sold for 18,500 USD in 2011

  • Yum.in sold for 16,000 USD in 2013

  • Tea.in sold for 8,400 USD in 2007

  • Hem.in sold for 7,990 USD in 2014

  • BSB.in sold for 7,750 USD in 2011

  • ABC.in sold for 7,500 USD in 2015

  • FCV.in sold for 7,000 USD in 2015

  • GRL.in sold for 6,890 USD in 2011

  • XYZ.in sold for 6,500 USD in 2015

  • IIT.in sold for 5,900 USD in 2008

  • das.in sold for 5,200 USD in 2009


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