Michelet – Efty launched a new marketplace theme

Efty made an announcement of a brand new theme known as Michelet. The best theme designed and improved features designed especially for the mobile. It has some awesome graphics, crisp typography, call-to-action options, and a customized message.

Michelet – Efty launched a new marketplace theme

You can also change the colors, background image, and logo. The theme is for people who have a custom marketplace for their domains to be hosted through the platform.

The theme helps to navigate easily and also looks great on mobile. Most of the people look for domains with their mobile phone that is the main reason Efty decided while designing the theme to go for mobile-first.

Michelet a brand new Efty theme

Here are a few features listed for the Michelet theme


This Michelet marketplace feature is for people looking to favorite a domain name by clicking the small heart-shaped icon visible within the search results.

You can shortlist all the favorite domain names by navigating to the heart-shaped icon found at the main menu of the site.

A Custom Page & Contact Us Page

With an “About Us” page you have an option to create another custom page that is displayed in the navigation of Michelet theme.

You can name this with your choice as per your need. To show sold domain names you can create a “How does this work” page. Where you can outline the purchase and transfer process.

They have added “Contact Us” page that will be available for any marketplace theme you select for the site.

Easy Make-Offer forms

Buyers have an option to submit the domain name offers without leaving the search results pages on the domaining platform.

Efty will gather the information about submitting party. Information such as a telephone number and IP address so that it is easy to research the buyer.

Increased logo size

The Michelet theme has a large size logo so that can be easily navigable and gets more exposure both on the desktop and the mobile phones.




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