Court order’s per 3(a) under clause 9.9 both the petitioner and respondents need to choose their arbitrators, before two weeks from today.after they are appointed the third arbitrator will be joined within one week.Both three joined for the discussion venue of the arbitration shall be at New Delhi.
learned Counsel will help to the arbitrators to take appropriate decision on that. the petitioner shall file an application under Section 17 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 seeking interim protective reliefs before the said Arbitral Tribunal within a week from the date of formation of the panel of the Arbitrators.
Point (F) clearly states that until Arbitral Tribunal decides on the interim relief, the order passed dated 7th November be allowed to continue, which means “STAY” shall continue to remain in effect.

PDF copy of the order: Account Termination


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  1. Mumbai high court has ordered for the Arbitration panel to be setup by NIXI to resolve the issue.

    On a different note ,NIXI has made a petition to Delhi High court “against the respondent not to destroy, delete or tamper with all electronic logs of all the actions done”

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