Monthly Stats – May 2016 Report: .IN domain names registration numbers

For last few weeks , we have been tracking the .IN registration numbers closely on a weekly basis , we thought its a good idea to share the summary of the numbers net increase of last few weeks in one post.

A monthly net increase of  13,759 numbers  , if the .IN registrations are growing at this rate, by year end (31-Dec-2016)  circa 96,313 new registrations will be added to .IN zone file making the total number of registrations reaching to 2,199,633 names.


Date Registration Numbers Net Increase Compare to Previous Reported Week
02-May-16 2,089,561 9,203
14-May-16 2,094,760 5,199
19-May-16 2,098,419 3,659
25-May-16 2,100,603 2,184
02-Jun-16 2,103,320 2,717
Monthly Net Increase 13,759


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