start supporting 2 Step verification (Authentication ) has contacted the Netlynx team regarding the 2 step verification support  and has confirmed its supported.  I have also received the below email from and has tested the same  however not received the email notification yet to enable the same, waiting for the support team to respond on this one.

Thank you Netlynx


Dear Reseller,

We are delighted to inform that Netlynx has now enabled the 2 step verification for logging to the Netlynx reseller panel. This 2 step verification is an added security level which will provide a stronger security to your account.

Please find the link to the PDF at :  which can assist you to enable the 2 step verification process.

Please go ahead and take advantage of added security level to your accounts and enjoy services rendered by Netlynx.

If you need any assistance in implementing the said feature, please feel free to call our support or email at [email protected]

Support Team


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