New Arbitrators at NIXI / .IN Registry

.IN Registry came out with new rules and regulations in September 2020, whereby all the existing 25 Arbitrators retired as having served for more than 2 years. And the new 15 Arbitrators are finally on board. The NIXI website reads (source):

The below arbitrators have been chosen by NIXI after having proved their qualifications. They have signed a Declaration of Impartiality and Independence form, under which they shall discharge their responsibilities: 

  1. Ms. Binny Kalra
  2. Mr. Kamal Dave
  3. Dr. Karnika Seth
  4. Mr. Neeraj Arora
  5. Mr. Pankaj Garg
  6. Ms. Punita Bhargava
  7. Mr. Rajesh Bisaria
  8. Mr. Robin Ratnakar David
  9. Mr. R.K. Kashyap
  10. Dr. Sheetal Vohra
  11. Mr. Sridharan Rajan Ramkumar
  12. Mr. Vakul Sharma
  13. Dr. Vedula Gopinath
  14. Mr. V.P. Pathak
  15. Mr. Vikrant Rana

The Arbitrators were recruited twice before 2010 and 12 more in 2014, which made count to 27 Arbitrators. Previous 27 Arbitrator list included:

  1. Mr. Amarjit Singh
  2. Mr. Ankur Raheja
  3. Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh
  4. Dr. Ashwinie Kumar Bansal
  5. Mr. C.A. Brijesh
  6. Mr. Dipak G Parmar
  7. Ms. Divya Balasundaram
  8. Ms. Harini Narayanswamy
  9. Mr. Harshavardhan Sancheti
  10. Mr. James Mukkattukavunkal
  11. Mr. Jayant Kumar
  12. Ms. Lucy Rana
  13. Mr. Nikilesh Ramachandran
  14. Ms. Pooja Dodd
  15. Ms. Rachna Bakhru
  16. Mr. Rajiv Singh Chauhan
  17. Mr. Ranjan Narula
  18. Mr. Rodney D. Ryder
  19. Mr. Sampath Sridharan
  20. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh
  21. Mr. Saravanan Dandapani
  22. Mr. Shirish Chintamani Inamdar
  23. Mr. Sonal Kumar Singh
  24. Mr. Sudarshan Kumar Bansal
  25. Dr. Sudhir Raja Ravindran
  26. Dr. Vinod Kumar Aggrawal
  27. Mr. Visheshwar Shrivastav

Now any Arbitrator can continue only for 2 years and then there would be a cooling off period of 1 year. So the retired Arbitrators can apply after one year but are expected to remain in waiting as the new Arbitrators will retire now around October – November 2022, i.e. after 2 years.


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