NIXI Annual Report Review – 2016-17

.IN Registry operates under the authority of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) , .IN registry will not have a seperate annual report however we can learn some useful insights if we can closely look at the annual report 2016-17 of NIXI.

1) .IN Domain Name Registrations – 1.952 Million in December 2017
2) 117 accredited registars offering .IN registration services
3) .IN registry revenues – 54.92 Crores (549.2 Millions) INR , its an increase of 18.3% Year on Year
4) .IN Registry operations surplus – 42.53 Crores (425.3 Millions) INR
5) Overall NIXI marketing fund is 5.09 Crores (50.9 Millions) INR
6) Overall NIXI reserve funds – 229.31 Crores (2,293.1 millions) INR

For the complete annual report, please access the NIXI Annual report 2016-17

I sincerely beleive NIXI board should allocate more marketing funds to promote the .IN extension , the amount of marketing funds allocation sounds too little.  NIXI as a non profit organisation to encourage .INRegistry to have more funds towards the brand building of .IN extension.

Several reports on internet showing .COM is more trusted extension compare to .IN in India. How the same public opinion will change without the brand promotion?  Just 5+ crores for the overall NIXI organisation is too little to build a country wide brand for .IN extension.   .IN Registry should consider advertising the .IN extension in popular  regional and national news papers and as well as more TV ads on all popular regional and  national TV channels.

Per example Russian government has allocated extra funds from their own annual budget  for the .RU extension to establish as the mainstream extension of the country ,  Indian government is not allocating any extra funds for  brand promotion and the other hand not allowing the registry to use its own revenue at least?.  How .IN extension will fly and establish as the trusted extension of India ???

P.s: Opinions expressed in this article are the personal views of the editor. 


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