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November 2016 – NNN.in , NNN.co.in and NNNN.in Drop List

NNN.in (3N.in) domain name means NumberNumberNumber.in domain name per example 221.in or 543.in . Only 1000 (10*10*10) such domain names are possible. NNN.in names are highly valued assets by domain investors due to the rare availability of such names and also can be useful as a short URLs. In the month of November 2016, a single NNN.in (3n.in) domain name dropping and it is 704.in and in the last month only one name has dropped and it is 086.in. Similar names were sold in the range of low xxxx usd , it is a serious mistake of letting these names expired by those domain owners, perhaps they may accidentally let them drop.

NNNN.in (4N.IN) – 10000 (10*10*10*10) such names are possible and all the names are registered, these are also considered valuable assets by domain investors and has proven after market for such assets too.

Overall 7 4N.in domain names are dropping in the month of November 2016 , In October month 13 names were dropped and in the month of September 18 names were dropped. As time passes by the trend of number of 4N.in names dropping is getting reduced. Its an important sign worth noticing.

3N.co.in or NNNN.co.in domain names are also considered valuable asset , one such name is dropping in the month of November 2016.

We have listed the dropping domain name details for your reference.

Domain Name Registered Year Search Volume CPC (USD) End Date
704.in 2014 22.2 K 0.06 17-11-16
3201.in 2015 2.4 K 0.14 01-11-16
1326.in 2015 4.4 K 0.00 16-11-16
5238.in 2015 590 0.65 17-11-16
0520.in 2015 1000 0.00 20-11-16
199.co.in 2015 33.1 k 0.65 21-11-16
3404.in 2015 880 0.48 25-11-16
5817.in 2015 720 0.01 28-11-16
5835.in 2015 320 0.01 28-11-16


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