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Below is a start-up story , I have received the same as a forward in one of the whatsapp group. I personally like the over all story and also the business idea behind , so just publishing for the attention of readers. I truly hope will achieve many more milestones in coming years. 🙂

Chennai Start Up Story –

Celebrating 1 year of Entrepreneurship!!!

After 13 years of experience with 6 companies, quit my job last year on 15.10.15!
Started on Nov 24th 2009, fear of loosing made me to wait for almost 6 years! Thought of writing my journey so as to let know how the experience is!

What have I accomplished?
* got featured across India in Outlook magazine, Economic times, Your story!
* got featured in most of the Newspaper & Magazines in Chennai!
*With no office, to a shared office & now to our own office setup!
*Got so many calls & inbox messages wishing how creative the ideas are & how inspiring we are! Even though we know we are not worth it, many feel that we have inspired them in some way!
Personally was happy though 😛

*Surpriseforacause initiative was well received & we could help few kids affected by cancer to forget their pains for few moment! The emotional moment everytime will be cherished upon & will make difference for a longer run!

What didn’t work :-
* Still Appa was not happy in what am doing! He didn’t even come to office when everyone came to office 🙁
* Singapore plan / establishment / investment / mentoring was complete flop – Nothing worked / Lost time & momentum!
* Met 2 investors in India & it didn’t worked out at that moment!

What was the worst moment :-
* One day when my daughter was having high fever, when had to take her to hospital in the midnight, even though with Insurance felt low as all I had was Rs.1500 in my account!
* Had to ask sorry to one of the customer as we argued over settlement of cash towards the order & in turn it turned out to a heated argument! Just to come out of it had to ask sorry even though it was not my problem!

Was my earning more than what I earned in a job?
NO! But I had paid salary to my team & to freelancers of more than 10 lakhs!
Could manage my expense thru cashflow & tried few techniques which are working fine 🙂

What I lost?
* Many of my colleagues whom I was associated with for almost 7 years didn’t even inquired how I was doing, not even a phone call!
* Lost the bond with many of the friends as there was a gap!
* The time that I could spend with my family!

Did I lost my confidence in this 1 year, Yes! But bounced back!
Did I felt that I should be in a job? Yes a couple of times 😛
Did I loose my passion? Hell NO!
Did I loose my self esteem? Never!!!
AM I happy? AM NOT!!!
Am I Satisfied? AM more than SATISFIED ! Had goose bump moments, had hugs, had phone calls wishing us! Had seen customers crying out of happiness & we being the reason!

The one soul who was handling me, my anger, my pressure was my wife ! If she was not, I am not what I am today!

Well am an #entrepreneur & I love what am doing <3
With luv,

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