Know why you should register multiple domain names

You invest lots of money into your business making sure your brand is identified online. When you get to know someone stole it or in more technically word hijacked it, how will you feel?  Your URL or domain name is something which is your identity online when you type in your web browser to get your website.

Know why you should register multiple domain names

It may be done accidentally or intentionally, you never know. But if some domain names sound like your brand name or may be part of it that you don’t own them. Anyone can buy it and once it is sold you cannot do anything.

You may think it doesn’t affect my brand name, but belief, it does effect to many. You shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes what they have done. If a particular brand having more products and services must protect their brands.

People may intentionally use their brands which sounds similar to your brand. Many people ignore this but later they may regret. What is the use of regretting later when you can take early precautions?

multiple domain names

Here are three main reasons that tell you why you should have multiple domain names

1.Similar Brand name

If a particular domain name is highly recognized and the domain name is a great choice then there are many possibilities to take by others. The first owner of the brand is building its domain name from years spending a lot of time and money now directs to someone else.

 You may get back your domain name by the lawsuit but then the process is most expensive.

2.Intentionally buying someone’s domain to trick their traffic

This is not done accidentally, it happens when someone intentionally wants to bring in other’s site’s traffic to theirs.

You may have a chance to buy it from them, but they can ask you any amount to sell it back to you.

3.Spelling errors while typing domain names

The same example can be taken here as well, The owner of the brand might have to build its domain from years spending a lot of time and money for its brand to be recognized. There are chances of misspelling while typing a domain name.

Here you could lose a lot of website traffic and benefit gets to another company.

you could purchase it and redirect to your website.

Instead, you have a cheaper option to buy a similar domain name in the first hand itself in starting of the business.


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