.IN Registry Diwali Registration Promo

.IN registry is going to bring the .in Domain names registration promo on the occasion of Diwali.

The new registration promotion starts on 15th October 2022 and ends on 14th November 2022.

Below are the outlined wholesale registrations prices for the promo.   These are the prices the registry is giving to registrars.

Promo is only applicable for new registrations and clearly, there are no new promotion offers for renewals.

Years Domain Current Price Discount in INR Effective Price
1 .IN Domain Names
( 2nd Level Domains)
INR 400 INR 200 INR 200
1 .Co.In , .Com.in, .Net.in, .Org.in ..etc
( 3rd Level Domains)
INR 300 INR 150 INR 150

Please note,  registrars will factor in additional costs such as maintaining the software/user interface, their human resources cost, and also a bit of profit on every domain name registration.

Very likely most of the registrars will sell for the below-outlined prices.

Years Domain Registry Price Additional Costs Effective Price Range
1 .IN Domain Names
( 2nd Level Domains)
INR 200 INR 100 INR  275 to 325  + GST
1 .Co.in , .Com.in, .Net.in, .Org.in ..etc
( 3rd Level Domains)
INR 150 INR 100 INR 225 to 275  + GST

What is your opinion on this promotion offer?  Are you expecting a renewal promotion offer too?

Please share your opinion by commenting on this blog post.  Your participation motivates us to bring more such regular news updates.


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