Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within these groups are the personal opinions of the members. The facts and opinions appearing in the discussions do not necessarily reflect the views of admins and admins does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. By continuing to be a member of these groups you agree you will not use the information shared for driving a discussion as an evidence towards for any legal process.  You are fully aware these are just some community groups related to .IN domain extension and members can post what they believe right or wrong. If you are not happy with any specific viewpoints mentioned by the other members it is the responsbility of you to report to admin.
  1. Core Rules (a single violation may lead to the removal or, at the very least, disciplinary action like stopping the member inactive for a specific period of time)
  1. Only .IN extension ( .IN, .CO.IN, .ORG.in, .NET.in etc.) sales posts or very short discussions related to .IN sales are only allowed.  Other extensions posts are strictly NOT allowed, moderators will take immediate action to remove the members who do not comply with this rule.  Other extension names should only be referred if absolutely required for price comparison reasons
  2. English is the only approved language of the communication unless explaining the meaning of non-English domains
  3. You shouldn’t use threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language or terms and comments of a sexual nature are not allowed. If you are unsure that a comment is appropriate, keep it to yourself. – Personal attacks (verbal or otherwise) against any member, will NOT be tolerated.
   2. Basic Rules:
    1. No adult domains — (because of law)
    2. Must limit the number of domains to be sold in a single post to 20 names. If you would like to offer a bulk sale beyond 20 names, provide a direct link to view the content per example an online URL such as Inforum.in, Namepros.com links or google doc with the full list and clear details of the domains, their prices, expiry date ( if in case the domain is expired or will be expiring in next 30 days from the post date)
    3. Allowed sales modes: Make an offer, BIN, Domain Swap proposals. Prefix every post by either WTB or WTS – BIN or WTS – Make Offer. Easy to sort out
    4. WTB posts should have a budget. “Unlimited” is not a realistic budget.
    5. Can relist the same domain(s) once every 24 hours
    6. The price mentioned by the seller, should NOT be debated. No exceptions, if the seller wants a trillion dollars that’s his/her prerogative.  Zero tolerance policy.
    7. Domain auctions links can be posted, however, no direct auctions should be conducted within the group. If you want to auction a name we will suggest conducting those auctions on Inforum.in or Namepros.com or DaaZ.com…etc and just provide the reference links as a post into the group
    8. The seller can’t ask for any fees, the price quoted in the post is the final price
    9. Very important note: We are not responsible for transactions happening in this group, we request the buyers and sellers to follow the standard escrow offerings available outside the group to complete a secure transaction. Please do not expect us to help you with dispute resolutions, we are only offering a platform of free service bringing all the like-minded people together to create a healthy environment, so requesting all members to act professionally. As moderators, if we notice anyone acting against the spirit of a healthy environment, we have the right to remove the member from the group without any warning
    10. Keep Chat Mature: Keep chit-chat relevant to domains being sold/asked for. Spamming or Childish behavior will result in your immediate removal from the WhatsApp group. Zero Tolerance Policy
    11. Be Responsible: Members are trusting you with their phone number and contact information. This stays within the group.
    12. Be Respectful: Do not attempt to call a member unless specific permission is given. Please communicate through the WhatsApp messaging. Not by calling their phone. Please refrain from abusing users or calling names. Respect each member. Zero Tolerance Policy.
    13. Keep Chat pertaining to .IN names only.  Non .IN related or personal chat can be done privately, only professional discussions are allowed.  We don’t want to flood the group, the main objective of the group is an .IN sales platform
    14. Avoid small sentence posts. We prefer you to combine your thoughts to one post rather than a bunch of small separate one-liner posts. Doing so will cut down on the number of notifications and make it easier to read.
    15. Rules can be changed anytime and as moderators, we have the right to decide the right rules suited for the healthy .IN Names market. Any changes in the rules will be posted in the group
3. Identity Rules:
  • All members must be identifiable, this group is not meant for those who are seeking privacy
  • All members must be using their real names and full names
  • Group admins may question back to verify your identity to continue your membership in the group , in case you are not comfortable to identify yourself, please leave this group voluntarily
4. Abbreviations Used:
BIN – Buy it Now
WTB – Wanted to Buy
WTS – Wanted to Sell

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