Startup Refrens building a Market Network for India’s Freelance economy

As Indian ‘Freelancers’ market is growing and by 2025 it would grow to a whopping $20-30 Bn. With such opportunities, the freelancers still face problems to manage and track payments and to plan their finances. The Refrens, a business service providers and Freelancers firm are building a market network for India’s $150 Bn Freelance Economy.

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Startup Refrens building a Market Network for India’s Freelance economy

The companies such as PayPal and Payoneer is working to solve the payment issues such as payment collection. The learning platforms such as Udemy, Freelancer, UpWork have many freelancers in terms of skill development.

Startup Refrens

There are a lot of innovations happening in Fintech and B2B software to provide tech solutions for gig economy worker.

Refrens established in July 2019 founded by Naman Sarawagi and Mohit Jain are filling the gaps of entrepreneurship again with Refrens.

It provides a platform to business service providers to track, collect and manage their payments fasters and in a more credible way.

Refrens invoicing software:

Refrens helps users in making and managing invoices using its free web-based SaaS solution. It also offers a timely reminder and built-in-low-cost optional payment gateway. Currently, the startup covers 37 currencies across 100 countries and uses Cashfree as a payment gateway for domestic transactions.

It charges 1.65% on all debit cards or UPI transactions online and 2.3% on credit cards payment gateways and net banking.

At the moment they own the domain name “”.Hope they can acquire the generic domain names too for their online branding.




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