Sunday Auctions List: 09-October-2016

.IN Auctions Mod group has expressed a big thank you for submitting .in Domain names. The selection process is tough, lots of good quality names but unfortunately, not all could make it. Some may be considered for next week and start after this auction , mod team would like build a backlog of 2 weeks worth of auction lists. Following feedback from members of community, they have agreed this would give more time to everyone to promote their names.

Some names received equal votes but didn’t make it, mod team had to limit the number of domain names for example and in other cases they had to choose the names that were submitted the earliest (if there was a draw in votes).

That said, some of those names may be possible to include in next weeks auction. Mod team will be in touch with individuals about those particular names – they will get the domain name owners permission before including in next weeks listing.


Legal Disclaimer: is a .IN / Indian domain names dedicated blog. is committed to cover all the news and updates related to .IN / Indian domain names.. has no direct association with the .IN auctions group possibly some of authors may play a role in auctions group in their individual capacities. is only striving to ensure all the .IN related happenings are brought to the attention of the public space


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