Sunday Auctions List – 25-Sep-2016

36 domain names are received by the .IN auctions group selection panel before the submission deadline of Friday(23rd Sep) 16:00 UTC. After carefully assessing each and every domain name , selection panel has taken utmost care to give an opportunity to include diverse categories of domain names into this week auction and finalized a list of 11 domain names to be auctioned. If you have any feedback to improve on selection process of domain names, please submit all your feedback to selection panel. Kindly note this is still in beta mode, hence the panel request to share all of your feedback and certainly will improve to make it more transparent.

This week submissions majorly dominated by several / domain names . As most of the submissions are keyword specific ones, it was a tough job for .IN domain Names auction selection panel to finalize the list of names , .IN auctions group has expressed their sincere thanks to all those members who has submitted their domain names. It is also important to note, those domain names couldn’t make an entry into final list of this week auctions , some of them likely to be considered in future auctions and selection panel will be in touch if there is such an opportunity for those domain names.

Please find the list of 11 domain names to be auctioned on this Sunday, 25-Sep-2016.

.IN Domain Names Auctions Group has already received couple of names for next week auction to be conducted on 2nd October too. If you want to submit names for next week auctions , please contact .IN Domain Names auctions group selection panel at the earliest.

Legal Disclaimer: is a .IN domain names dedicated blog. is committed to cover all the news and updates related to .IN names.. has no direct association with the .IN auctions group although some of our authors play a role in auctions group in their individual capacities.


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