A Surprise Guest to Speak at CloudFest India 2018 – 50% Off On Ticket Price

The revolutionized Internet event of the year ‘CloudFest India’ has made a move towards its journey.CloudFest India reveals its first keynote speaker ‘Time Wu’, famously called as ‘the father of net neutrality’.This prestigious event is going to happen on May 23, 2018, at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel.

The first Sip of Knowledge is always Tasteful:

CloudFest India announced that ‘Time Wu’ speech will fill the event with a glare of excitement.He mainly discusses the topics like the state of IT in India and the trickle-down effect of how Facebook’s regional and international scandals could potentially affect the future of the cloud.

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This event not only packed with advanced knowledge sharing in various domains but also filled with a lot of excitement and joy that you never feel before.Join for an evening filled with incredible entertainment, great drinks, and yummy food.

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