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How Much My Domain Name Worth?

You’ve struck gold! You’ve unearthed the perfect domain name – a catchy, evocative string of characters destined to be the beating heart of your online venture. But before you raise the digital banner, there’s one crucial question: how much is this linguistic gem worth? Fear not, intrepid entrepreneur, for this blog post will crack the code on domain appraisal, empowering …

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GoDaddy appoints Expedia president as CEO

GoDaddy has appointed Aman Bhutani, the ex-president of Expedia Group as the company’s CEO. The Aman Bhutani studied BA in Economics from Delhi University will take over from September 4th, 2019 as the current internet names and registrations management, chief Scott Wagner decided to stop working regarding health reasons. GoDaddy appoints Expedia president as CEO Expedia Group is an American …

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