The Great Christmas .IN Giveaway – 23rd Dec 2016

.IN Auctions mod team has announced a giveaway of .IN Domain Names in whatsapp auction group on the occasion of Christmas. Auctions mod team will conduct a quiz on .IN domain names or about the .IN community , whoever has answered the questions correctly in first place will receive a free .IN Domain Name. .IN Whatsapp group community members are sponsoring the free .IN domain names. Its a very nice gesture from Mod team to promote the .IN domain name extension. If you are interested to join the .IN Whatsapp groups, please refer the article giveaway also includes some of the liquid cash names like, names too.

Please refer the poster released by Mod team. Its not worth missing the fun and action , please join the .IN Whatsapp auction group if you are not a member of the same.



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