The king is retiring; Are you ready to make way for the prince?

The lion was the best hunter ever known.

The king was the best ruler ever known.

The fax was the best machine ever known for communication.

Unfortunately, change is in-evitable. There was a time when fax machine was considered to be the best tool out there for communications. And now, we have pocket size devices with 1000 times more processing power and communication power than that. Everything has a peek point, afterwards it starts going downhill. It’s the internet’s identity I am talking about – the recognition, the brand, the DOMAIN.

When the web of internet was not as complex as today, and it was taking baby steps and struggling to make an appeal. The first domain name was registered in 1985, and the few visionary people who heard the silent but sweet sound of money rolling in, started registering premium .com domains soon thereafter. People called them maniacs, crazy, fools to put their hard earned money on something which was yet to be proven and they doubted that they will even recover their original amount they were putting, let alone make any profits. However, they didn’t listen to anyone and kept on registering the pieces of properties for the future internet.

Fast forward today, the domain names,, sold for $2.3 Million., which were registered for $100 each originally 20 years back. That was the time when the goldmine was still there and people mined as much gold as they can. However, not all of the people, including some tech geeks, saw the future and they simply missed the .com bandwagon. Now, with the .com reaching to its peak, the history is here once again in the same form, and only selected few who are in the industry, are seeing this. It’s the .in extension.

India is a country of wonders, and the way it has progressed in technology is no less than a wonder in itself (Ok: Progress in population too – that’s no less of a wonder either ;) and the huge IT boom that changed the complete web scenario. With being world’s second largest population on earth, there simply isn’t enough supply for all the coming ventures to get their desired keywords or short domains. .Com was already out of question with its mammoth price tag and the only sensible option remaining for them is .in so a little breed, known as domainers, are recognizing this opportunity to repeat the history and get the returns that folks got with .com.

What’s more about it is, that .in is not only being considered as a country code, but what makes it special is the usage and it’s probable acronyms with .internet, .industry and the likes. A simple example to explain the returns would be:  3 Letter LLL .in domains had a value of no more than $30 just 1 year back. And now? Any random 3 letter .in domain has established its minimum market value as $300, and multiples if meaningful letters. Folks who acquired them that time, have gotten a 10X return within a span of a year. Now, can you imagine the value in 20 years? It’s going to be larger, bigger, and more intense than the .com era. No doubt, .com was the king, and will always be, but now is the new age and the king is slowly retiring. It’s time for the young prince to take the stage and run the show. Those who would capture the opportunity and befriended with prince, will be the most respected few of the kingdom in a years of time.


So the question is: Do you want to be with the prince? Did you miss the .com bandwagon but still are smart enough to recognize the opportunity and catch the next one to make history?
The answers are within you. Dive deep, research, see, ask, and decide. You are a part of the history in making.


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