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Top 10 .IN Domain Sales of 2018-OUR.IN EXCLUSIVE

Just like various industries like the Automobile industry, Film Industry, and Healthcare industry there is a need for a recap of Domain Industry at the end of the year. Annual reports of any industry can help companies to create a strategic plan for the next year.Our.in brings you an exclusive “Top 10 .in domain sales report of 2018”.

Sedo has bagged the Top number of slots of top 10 .in Sales of 2018

Out of 10 .in domain sales Sedo platform bagged  7 .in domain sales, which indicates Sedo became the father of .in Domain sales platform in 2018.

Irrespective to the domain registrations and drops, domain name sales are one of the luring factors in domaining industry. We gathered adequate information about the .IN domain sales reports for the Year of 2018 and presenting the list of top 10 .IN domain name sales of 2018 before you.

Top 10 .IN Domain Sales of 2018
Top 10 .IN Domain Name Sales of 2018

Top 10 .IN Domain Sales of 2018

Pop.in 18,163 14/01/2018 Undeveloped
Webank.in 17,500 3/4/2018 Rapidnames
Blockchain.in 13,500 2/5/2018 Sedo
Gomo.in 9,500 5/4/2018 Sedo
811.in 8,995 10/5/2018 Private Deal
Spotlight.in 8,000 19/09/2018 Sedo
Heka.in 5,500 14/08/2018 Sedo
plasticsurgery.in 4,000 USD 6/3/2018 Sedo
kal.in 4,000 USD 7/19/2018 Sedo
Bauerfeind.in 3,936 12/11/2018 Sedo

The top .in sale of 2018 POP.in is a skill based game available in Google Play and Apple App Store. Please note, currently POP.in game is not available in India. Clearly.IN can be used as a domain hack or as a short form of.Internet or.International. POP.in example clearly demonstrates the same use case.

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Any additional .IN sales info you have please let us know, we are happy to add in our list.


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