Planning a trip all by yourself is not a simple thing. Maybe for once, a solo trip can be taken care of, but planning a vacation for a group of friends or the whole family can be a somewhat difficult task to you.Maybe you think of getting your trip well planned by somebody else, and want somebody more trustworthy than friends and well yourself, then here are Top 10  Travel companies in India.This information will help you more!travel companies


1.Make My Trip:

make my trip

Make My Trip is in number one position in top 10 travel companies in India. It providing top end services for domestic and international destinations, such as online train and air tickets and hotel bookings.The Gurgaon-based company has been serving the clients since 2000 and has the employee base of 923 people.

2.Cox & Kings:

cox and king

Cox & Kings got second place in top10 travel companies in India.It has been a leader in the travel industry since it’s started in 1758.The company has its head office in Mumbai from there extends their services in all major countries of the world, including USA, Russia, and the UK.Cox & Kings provides services include domestic and international holidays, trade fair packages and company tour packages.

3.Thomas Cook:

thomas cook

Actually, Thomas Cook is a leading US based travel company, Which extends company network in India too. Across the country, it has offices at 98 locations.The headquartered of this company in London and it is one of the oldest travel company in the world, its establishment in 1881 and continuously maintaining shining record in the field of travel and tourism. got fourth place in top10 travel companies in India.It is also a Gurgaon-based company which has found in has a great reputation in delivering great services for memorable trips, with services like air tickets, hotel bookings, tour packages, for individuals as well as corporate clients.

Next on the list of top10 travel companies in India is the Travelguru.It is a trusted travel company, Which has been catering to travelers all over the country with their special customized packages for special needs.Travelguru was established in 2005 and has its head office in Mumbai.The best thing about Travelguru is that you can get some amazing discounts on packages during the peak season too.

Cleartrip is a trusted travel company, which was established in 2006 and The headquartered of this company in Mumbai.cleartrip provides the most affordable bargains on online bookings of air, train, bus tickets.

It got seventh place in top10 travel companies in India. SOTC is Mumbai based travel company.It is the oldest travel company in India.It was started in 1949.SOTC providing custom made tour packages for fulfilling diverse needs of the clients.


Expedia is a US-based company, which is operating in India also. It’s headquartered in Washington, Expedia was started in 1996 and provides the most affordable travel deals and packages, due to its association with as many as 80000 hotels around the world.


Hello Travel got a tenth place in top10 best travel companies in India.It is a Delhi based company.Hello Travel provides excellent services and amazing discounted packages to its clients.

Domain Names of Top 10 best Travel Companies in India:

Here we can observe Clearly,.COM is a leader as expected.but.IN closely following .COM Travel Company Name Domain Name
1 Make My Trip
2 Cox & Kings
3 Thomas Cook
5 Travelguru
6 Cleartrip
8 Goibibo
9 Expedia
10 Hello Travel



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