Undeveloped will now be DAN.COM

Undeveloped a domain name sales platform and marketplace. It made an announcement that it is rebranding. The undeveloped domain sales platform will now be known as DAN.com, which stands for Domain Automation Network.

Undeveloped will now be DAN.COM

This news was announced in a press release yesterday afternoon. This change is not just a simple change but the company is changing the entire brand name. This is not just the logo updation.

The company desires to change how the way the domain names deals were conducted. Right from conducting sales to lease deals and even fractional domain name ownership.
The press release states, “With the Domain Automation Network, it solves the most significant problems in the domain industry by creating a new backend infrastructure to handle both simple and complex domain transactions and transfers, fully automated and transparent powered by blockchain.”

Let us see how the domain investors can use the DAN.com and what are the opportunities available on the platform. 

DAN that means the Domain Automation Network which dominates the domain industry. It created the most advanced domain sales and transfer infrastructure.

It can manage the simple and complex domain transactions and transfers using a fully automatic powered by a blockchain.

As the domain industry has grown tremendously as the internet has been obtained in all the corners of the world. Industries look themselves an outdated and inefficient state.

The domain which is currently in use or available, the finding is becoming hard and become too unaaffordable.
In order to escape from all those consequences, the change must be there.

Features DAN.COM

  • Automated domain transfers for smart contracts
  • Introduction of a new WHOIS 2.0 format, which is powered by 100% by blockchain.

How DAN.COM will impact the domain buyers

Undeveloped.com brought a delivery time of purchase of a domain name average of 15 hours but it is not good.

The domains are digital goods that don’t need to be transported or shipping. Then why domain transactions are very low.

There are 3 reasons that are identified, they are.

Manual process

The manual domain transfer process does delays as everything needs to be done manually. This leads to mistakes and painful transactions. This also tends to make the process expensive. The more domains the more you need to carry out the domain process and spending of higher commissions.

Outdated process

In the domain industry, most of the processes are designed in the ’90s and early 2000. The companies operating process have become giants as their domains have demand. They dont have incentives or will to improve the processes.

The DAN.COM have taken an opportunity to improve it. They have an infrastructure that can transfer domains immediately and deliver a purchased domain to the buyer in just a minute.

They have dubbed the new model BaaS (Brands as a Service). One can purchase a domain from anywhere in the world without any fear with hundred percent secured transaction without taking time.

Registrars (the primary market)

All domains manage at a registrar. The registrars keeping the domain transfer lock-ins (10 to 60-day transfer locks) and outdated process. Registrars having most domains have manual ownership updates.

Due to the lock-in process, most of the domains are in the secondary market. only a few gets benefit out of it.

Lock-ins are also kept by the ICANN, a regulatory body. many registrars such as GoDaddy do that.

DAN.COM’s main aim is to create a standard which can be shared in the industry that is by its nature an open network. Closed networks must not be entertained.


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