Domain Name in Fake Auction

We have just understood domain name has been put into auction at namepros forum by a fake owner who created a fake account today and the original owner of the domain name is totally unaware and surprised to hear that. It has been reported to Namepros authorities and they have removed the thread promptly.


Although its a fake auction , as the value of .IN names growing many will try to find ways to steal the domain names.
How to Protect high value domain names?
1) Please ensure your domains are locked as a must and enable theft protection , unlocked domains are always carry high risk compare to locked domain names
2) Enable the two factor authentication at your respective registrar accounts , many registrars support two factor authentication. If any registrars not supporting two factor authentication , its better to avoid using them. Some registrars like Dynadot support three factor authentication too, it adds further level of security.
3) Also put a monitoring on those names using your own custom scripts to check the “who is” changes at regular intervals, alternatively you can keep scanning the high value names “who is” changes regularly using the ready to use tools like


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