Whatsapp Group – .IN Auction Results – 27 Nov 2016

.IN Domain Auctions team has introduced Incremental auction for a first time and the same has been quite successful. Incremental auction allows bidders to max $5 USD and its an indeed an interesting auction which draw attention from several bidders. As usual premium names or showdown auction has been quite successful. Multiple bidders are participated at the live auction which takes place every Sunday 16:00 PM UTC in Whatsapp Group, witnessed bidding war by among bidders for some of the high quality unique .IN / .CO.IN domain names. It is clearly showing .IN is on the path to rise. Long Live .IN 🙂

14 Unique domain names / domain names packages were on offer including short liquid domain names, some nice keyword.in , keyword.co.in and some numeric domain names too. All domain names together has raised an amount of 1,922 USD, an average sale price of 137.3 USD per domain name / package. Below are the results of the same.

Let me join congratulating both the buyers and sellers. 🙂 🙂



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