World Population by 2050 : India will have 1708 Million population

According to the Population Reference Bureau ( , world population rising 33% by 2050 to reach 10 billion population and India will be the worlds most populous country with around 1.708 billion population, which is 17.08% of the world population. Most of the growth is coming from Africa and Asia continents.


World Population Data Sheet of Year 2016

PRB Publication Link

Every business is based on what humans need and how to serve the needs they have. Its all about helping people needs and almost all businesses are shaped around that fundamental principle of serving people. Its quite important to understand the future demographics changes, I firmly believe the world’s economic center also shift as a result of these changes to great extent. Countries like India or Nigeria are going to grow at rapid speed in coming years, to me its a commonsense for all the existing global brands to focus on setting-up their offices / Virtual offices to serve the people in these emerging countries to retain their global brand status. Those brands who resist for this change or couldn’t adapt to this change in a proactive way are likely to loose their global brand status.

How this can be related to domain investment ?

1) ccTLDs of these nations where there is a massive demographic shift is about happen will offer massive investment opportunities
2) Major GTLDs domain names related to these countries population / culture also could offer great investment opportunities
3) Some of the new GTLDs who can promote effectively in these countries can also offer nice opportunities

Exciting times ahead 🙂


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