Worldwide Domain Names – 330+ Million Domain Names

 Few Important Notes:

  • 1.3 million domain name registrations were added to the internet in 1Q-2017
  • Total domain name registrations stood at 330.6 million across all top-level domains (TLDs) as of March 31, 2017
  • 11.8 million more domains registered compare to March 2016, around 3.7% growth

Source: Verisign Report – read the full report.  6 of the top 10 domain name extensions of the world are ccTLDs

Where is .IN and when it will appear in top 10 cccTLDs list?

  • Hope one day we will see the .IN in the top 10 ccTLD domain name extensions , we all know its bound to happen the question is when ?
  • Same .IN is supposed to enter the top 10 domain name extensions of world too.. again the question is When?

What’s opinion on this topic?

  • Its almost 12+ years .IN has been made available for public usage however its not in the top 10 ccTLDs list,  we agree its a very serious concern for the world’s largest democracy and world’s second most populous country  not having its own ccTLD  in the top 10 ccTLDs list .
  •  Timing is important aspect for the history to be created ..  now .IN certainly will head in this direction of history making , We are very optimistic with in 2 years from now  .IN will reach the top 10 ccTLDs of the world. We know clearly, Its a wishful and optimisitc thinking , the other hand we also believe its the right timing to see such a massive growth in registration numbers.  There are couple of factors certainly influence the registration numbers  such as registry’s committment to promote the extension in India and abroad .We sincerely believe the registry will keep the momentum on to take this forward

Whats your view on this topic?

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