WPU.in Contest –> Comment the Price You wanna Pay and win the name

WPU.in Domain Name is open for offers. Who ever post the highest offer as a comment on Our.in blog before Sunday (5th of March) 5 PM UTC ( 10:30 PM IST) will be winning this name..

You have to the pay the amount you quoted, its not for free. Payment by Paypal or any other preferred method at our discretion. If you are lucky , no one else post a comment and you may win for a 1 USD too.

Please note, you have to post the comment on Our.in blog only to be considered. All comments will be approved with the SLA of 4 hours , last three hours comments before the contest closing will be approved with in 5 minutes of posting.



  1. Will pay $108 for it.

  2. prayas tripathy

    will pay 150

  3. prayas tripathy

    170 usd

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