10 Most expensive .IN domain names up to 2019

10 Most expensive .IN domain names up to 2019

I have brought you the most expensive .IN domain names up to 2019. Here is the list but before we talk about the expensive .IN domain names, let me just quickly remind what is a domain name.

A Domain name is a unique identity (name) hold by an individual or businesses which is register with a domain registrar to create their own space on the internet.

A Domain name is not just a name that people can find it by typing it in Google but it is the most important identifier or you can say as an accessory for your brand.

If you want to know more about Domain names in detail

So, let us now see what are the most expensive .IN domain names up to 2019.

.in domain names

10 most expensive .IN domain names


Let us now first start with the most expensive domain name poker.in which is priced at 60,000 USD sold on 31-10-2007 at DRT Auction.

Right now, the poker.in is showing “This site can’t be reached.” We may expect that this domain name will be used for online card games, as we all know that poker is a card game.


Now let us see the next most expensive domain name is sportsbetting.in sold for 42,300 USD on 6-4-2011 at Sedo market place.

Right now, the sportsbetting.in is redirecting to the sportsbetting.com. Sportsbetting.com is the ultimate destination to bet on global sports.


Domains.in grabbed the third place in terms of a most expensive domain name which was sold out in 40,000 USD on 15-05-2013 at Sedo marketplace.

The domains.in is redirecting to the domains.com site.Domains.com is the best wehbhosting service in USA.


The next most expensive domain is hike.in which was sold for 32,000 USD on 25-04-2012 at Sedo marketplace. It is a social networking application (messenger app).


The angel.in sold out for 30,000 USD on 12-11-2014 at Sedo marketplace.At the moment domain name parked with Godaddy.


The Honor.in sold out for 28,999 USD on 23-12-2018 at KeywordAcquisitions platform.Honor.in owns by Huwaei technologies co.ltd.

At the moment Honor.in site is showing ‘This site can’t be reached”.


Itjobs.in is sold for 25,988 USD on 13-05-2016 on Sedo marketplace. Itjobs.in owns by Jobs.bg Ltd.

At the moment Itjobs.in site can be seen as constructing site or blank.


Mails.in sold out for 24,000 USD on 19-07-2005 on Sedo marketplace.At the moment mails.in parked under Bodis.com


Budgetair.in sold out for 20,000 USD on 09-07-2010 on Sedo platform.Budgetair.in owns by Vliegwinkel Holding B.V.Budegtaire.in specializes in booking flight and hotel tickets.


Indiretta.in sold out for 18500 USD on 07-04-2011 ,deal closed on private.At moment domain name available in the market.



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