200 Developed 4L.in Domain Names

Neeraj Paul has completed the research to identify the 200 developed 4L.in domain names. Neeraj has shared this information here for Our.in readers reference. Thank you Neeraj for your efforts on this one.

4L.in Pattern Domain Name Count
Grand Total 199


4L.in Pattern Developed Domain
CCCC BPPS: www.bpps.in
CCCC CGGB: www.cggb.in
CCCC CLLV: www.cllv.in
CCCC CPPR: www.cppr.in
CCCC CWBG: www.cwbg.in
CCCC DCBS: www.dcbs.in
CCCC DSYH: www.dsyh.in
CCCC FCRS: www.fcrs.in
CCCC FTRL: www.ftrl.in
CCCC GCKK: www.gckk.in
CCCC GTVM: www.gtvm.in
CCCC HLCC: www.hlcc.in
CCCC JPKM: www.jpkm.in
CCCC JSFL: www.jsfl.in
CCCC KCSL: www.kcsl.in
CCCC KDMS: www.kdms.in
CCCC KDST: www.kdst.in
CCCC PMCC: www.pmcc.in
CCCC PTLB: www.ptlb.in
CCCC RSDF: www.rsdf.in
CCCC SBCS: www.sbcs.in
CCCC SFLC: www.sflc.in
CCCC SKTM: www.sktm.in
CCCC SRTS: www.srts.in
CCCC SSPF: www.sspf.in
CCCC TPYM: www.tpym.in
CCCC VRTM: www.vrtm.in
CCCC WYDR: www.wydr.in
CCCV KGDA: www.kgda.in
CCCV BCMA: www.bcma.in
CCCV BFDA: www.bfda.in
CCCV BFME: www.bfme.in
CCCV BJGI: www.bjgi.in
CCCV BRSI: www.brsi.in
CCCV CCBI: www.ccbi.in
CCCV CPRI: www.cpri.in
CCCV FMRI: www.fmri.in
CCCV FSMI: www.fsmi.in
CCCV FTSI: www.ftsi.in
CCCV GTFA: www.gtfa.in
CCCV KGTA: www.kgta.in
CCCV KWSA: www.kwsa.in
CCCV MRSI: www.mrsi.in
CCCV NCWA: www.ncwa.in
CCCV PPPI: www.pppi.in
CCCV PTFE: www.ptfe.in
CCCV RRSI: www.rrsi.in
CCCV RTGA: www.rtga.in
CCCV SDFA: www.sdfa.in
CCCV SDPI: www.sdpi.in
CCCV SNBA: www.snba.in
CCCV SPPU: www.sppu.in
CCCV TDMA: www.tdma.in
CCCV VBRA: www.vbra.in
CCCV GPTI: www.gpti.in
CCCV VCSA: www.vcsa.in
CCCV XYRO: www.xyro.in
CCVC BHAP: www.bhap.in
CCVC DBIL: www.dbil.in
CCVC DSIJ: www.dsij.in
CCVC DWIH: www.dwih.in
CCVC GHAC: www.ghac.in
CCVC HMEL: www.hmel.in
CCVC JPEL: www.jpel.in
CCVC KWIT: www.kwit.in
CCVC PGEL: www.pgel.in
CCVC QTEN: www.qten.in
CCVC SBIP: www.sbip.in
CCVC SDAP: www.sdap.in
CCVC SWAL: www.swal.in
CCVC TRIS: www.tris.in
CCVC TVUP: www.tvup.in
CCVC ZCOS: www.zcos.in
CCVV CMAI: www.cmai.in
CCVV JSIE: www.jsie.in
CCVV MSEI: www.msei.in
CCVV PMAI: www.pmai.in
CCVV TCOE: www.tcoe.in
CCVV TREO: www.treo.in
CCVV YBIO: www.ybio.in
CVCC BUSY: www.busy.in
CVCC DEHN: www.dehn.in
CVCC GACW: www.gacw.in
CVCC HARC: www.harc.in
CVCC HECS: www.hecs.in
CVCC JOTR: www.jotr.in
CVCC KAFF: www.kaff.in
CVCC KAPC: www.kapc.in
CVCC MAMD: www.mamd.in
CVCC MIPS: www.mips.in
CVCC MOLY: www.moly.in
CVCC POPY: www.popy.in
CVCC RACR: www.racr.in
CVCC REWT: www.rewt.in
CVCC TEFF: www.teff.in
CVCC VAPH: www.vaph.in
CVCC WERM: www.werm.in
CVCC WETV: www.wetv.in
CVCC YAMS: www.yams.in
CVCC YOPS: www.yops.in
CVCV BABA: www.baba.in
CVCV BORU: www.boru.in
CVCV BOZA: www.boza.in
CVCV DIYA: www.diya.in
CVCV FABI: www.fabi.in
CVCV GALE: www.gale.in
CVCV GEZE: www.geze.in
CVCV GIDA: www.gida.in
CVCV GIRI: www.giri.in
CVCV GUGO: www.gugo.in
CVCV HELA: www.hela.in
CVCV HODO: www.hodo.in
CVCV KADA: www.kada.in
CVCV KASE: www.kase.in
CVCV KONE: www.kone.in
CVCV NETE: www.nete.in
CVCV NUYU: www.nuyu.in
CVCV RICO: www.rico.in
CVCV RIKA: www.rika.in
CVCV ROCA: www.roca.in
CVCV TESA: www.tesa.in
CVCV VANA: www.vana.in
CVCV VEKA: www.veka.in
CVCV WIFA: www.wifa.in
CVCV ZEPO: www.zepo.in
CVCV ZIVA: www.ziva.in
CVCV ZOLA: www.zola.in
CVVC CEEW: www.ceew.in
CVVC CIIT: www.ciit.in
CVVC KIAP: www.kiap.in
CVVC MAAT: www.maat.in
CVVC MOUD: www.moud.in
CVVC TOIT: www.toit.in
CVVC WIAL: www.wial.in
CVVC WOIL: www.woil.in
CVVC ZAUQ: www.zauq.in
CVVV BAOA: www.baoa.in
CVVV SOIE: www.soie.in
VCCC ABSR: www.absr.in
VCCC AJSL: www.ajsl.in
VCCC ARTH: www.arth.in
VCCC ASHF: www.ashf.in
VCCC ASPV: www.aspv.in
VCCC ASTP: www.astp.in
VCCC EGSP: www.egsp.in
VCCC ERDS: www.erds.in
VCCC ERTY: www.erty.in
VCCC ICCK: www.icck.in
VCCC ICRN: www.icrn.in
VCCC IFFP: www.iffp.in
VCCC IHSN: www.ihsn.in
VCCC IKFW: www.ikfw.in
VCCC ISFC: www.isfc.in
VCCC OTDP: www.otdp.in
VCCC OXXY: www.oxxy.in
VCCC UTTV: www.uttv.in
VCCC  ABDF: www.abdf.in
VCCV ADTU: www.adtu.in
VCCV AJCE: www.ajce.in
VCCV ASFI: www.asfi.in
VCCV ASSI: www.assi.in
VCCV AWWA: www.awwa.in
VCCV EBCO: www.ebco.in
VCCV EMBO: www.embo.in
VCCV EMWA: www.emwa.in
VCCV ESRI: www.esri.in
VCCV EVNA: www.evna.in
VCCV ICRA: www.icra.in
VCCV ICWA: www.icwa.in
VCCV IGLI: www.igli.in
VCCV IMFA: www.imfa.in
VCCV IPLE: www.iple.in
VCCV ISDI: www.isdi.in
VCCV UNCO: www.unco.in
VCCV USRI: www.usri.in
VCCV  ABHO: www.abho.in
VCVC AROH: www.aroh.in
VCVC ATOR: www.ator.in
VCVC ENOX: www.enox.in
VCVC IBAT: www.ibat.in
VCVC ICEM: www.icem.in
VCVC IDAS: www.idsa.in
VCVC IGUS: www.igus.in
VCVC IHAT: www.ihat.in
VCVC UVIN: www.uvin.in
VCVV AWEI: www.awei.in
VCVV ESAI: www.esai.in
VCVV OPAI: www.opai.in
VCVV OYAA: www.oyaa.in
VVCC AIGF: www.aigf.in
VVCC EAFT: www.eaft.in
VVCC IAYP: www.iayp.in
VVCC IIGM: www.iigm.in
VVCC UAML: www.uaml.in
VVCV AIGA: www.aiga.in
VVCV AOPA: www.aopa.in
VVCV IICA: www.iica.in
VVCV IOSI: www.iosi.in
VVCV IOTA: www.iota.in
VVCV OOBI: www.oobi.in

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