INDRP Dispute Decision Review –

Complainant – Benchmade Knife Co

Respondent – HarjaTinder Bajaj

Disputed Domain –

Decision –  is awarded to HarjaTinder Bajaj

Case Summary:

Complainant has filed an instant complaint challenging the registration of the domain name “” and preferred this arbitration for raising the dispute for redressal of its grievances. Arbitrator sent a notice to the Respondent about the complaint filed by the complainant on 18th Feb 2019.

On 8th Apr 2019, the authorized representative of the Complainant, Ms. Caroline Valle informed that the parties have come to an understanding and therefore the complainant requested for termination of these proceedings. The complainant also informed that the disputed domain name shall remain with the Respondent as of now.


Honorable Arbitrator Nikilesh Ramachandran was taken the decision as the “Respondent shall keep the domain name with them”.

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