.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2019 Overview

In the year  2019, 89 .IN&.CO.IN domain name sales took place in the marketplaces like DaaZ.com, Sedo and Escrow Service. Out of Eighty Eight domain sales, 40 domain sales were from Sedo,34 domain sales were from DaaZ.com, 7 from Dan,65 domain sales were from Private sale,1 from AscendDomains and 1 from Escrow service.

The best sale of this year is “Finder.in“, it sold out for 15000USD at the Sedo on the 18th of June  2019.

Domain sales-.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2019 overview

Domain Name Extension Date Price Venue
Shopee.in .IN 3-Jan-19 5000 Sedo
Sunco.in .IN 13-Jan-19 1295 AscendDomains
Aiadmk.in .IN 17-Jan-19 2550 Sedo
Wyn.co.in .CO.IN 19-Jan-19 1300 Private Sale
Magicmountain.in .IN 5-Feb-19 120 Sedo
Levelup.in .IN 5-Apr-19 1310 Dan
Crafted.in .IN 22-Apr-19 320 Dan
Epharma.in .IN 25-Apr-19 645 Dan
Starlink.in .IN 14-May-19 3500 Sedo
Mashup.in .IN 15-May-19 2800 Sedo
Pocketbook.in .IN 21-May-19 2000 Sedo
Draw.in .IN 24-May-19 2712 Sedo
Meatmarket.in .IN 28-May-19 379 Sedo
Rpsg.in .IN 3-Jun-19 2300 Sedo
Cheaptrip.in .IN 3-Jun-19 250 Sedo
Eae.co.in .CO.IN 3-Jun-19 250 Dan
Sbu.in .IN 13-Jun-19 940 Dan
Code.in .IN 17-Jun-19 3500 Sedo
Finder.in .IN 18-Jun-19 15000 Sedo
Bigshift.in .IN 18-Jun-19 2535 Private Sale
Ifl.co.in .CO.IN 19-Jun-19 2999 Sedo
Ladakhtours.in .IN 28-Jun-19 316 Dan
Flash.in .IN 5-Jul-19 5053 Sedo
Complete.co.in .CO.IN 8-Jul-19 260 Sedo
Propertyadvisor.in .IN 15-Jul-19 3900 Sedo
132.in .IN 24-Jul-19 210 Sedo
Dvf.in .IN 25-Jul-19 696 Dan
Cart.in .IN 2-Aug-19 1600 Sedo
Shikha.in .IN 2-Aug-19 333 Sedo
Medicalinsurance.in .IN 5-Aug-19 3950 Sedo
Pooja.in .IN 13-Aug-19 3300 Sedo
Fue.in .IN 15-Aug-19 1400 Sedo
Leo.in .IN 16-Aug-19 2999 Sedo
Qja.in .IN 22-Aug-19 50 Daaz.com
Realdeals.in .IN 27-Aug-19 100 Daaz.com
420.co.in .CO.IN 29-Aug-19 198 Daaz.com
Pending.co.in .CO.IN 31-Aug-19 250 Sedo
Pending.in .IN 31-Aug-19 250 Sedo
Ideals.in .IN 31-Aug-19 600 Private Sale
Hzd.in .IN 31-Aug-19 75 Daaz.com
Wyb.in .IN 31-Aug-19 75 Daaz.com
Zlt.in .IN 31-Aug-19 75 Daaz.com
Autoline.in .IN 5-Sep-19 2200 Sedo
Spis.in .IN 6-Sep-19 400 Daaz.com
Whisky.in .IN 9-Sep-19 7742 Sedo
Arre.in .IN 11-Sep-19 500 Private Sale
Quickclean.in .IN 11-Sep-19 400 Private Sale
Hostels.co.in .CO.IN 12-Sep-19 1018 Daaz.com
Hostel.co.in .CO.IN 12-Sep-19 1018 Daaz.com
Vodka.in .IN 13-Sep-19 6500 Sedo
Rum.in .IN 13-Sep-19 5000 Sedo
Rupeepay.in .IN 15-Sep-19 99 Daaz.com
Prabal.in .IN 15-Sep-19 625 Daaz.com
Sarvodaya.in .IN 19-Sep-19 1500 Daaz.com
Cognac.in .IN 19-Sep-19 3145 Daaz.com
Hfe.in .IN 22-Sep-19 211 Daaz.com
Vayu.in .IN 24-Sep-19 3117 Sedo
Webbie.in .IN 27-Sep-19 220 Sedo
David.in .IN 27-Sep-19 500 Daaz.com
Letme.in .IN 30-Sep-19 6534 Sedo
Tickles.in .IN 4-Oct-19 431 Daaz.com
Indict.in .IN 6-Oct-19 249 Daaz.com
Scotchwhisky.in .IN 7-Oct-19 3230 Sedo
Rollover.in .IN 7-Oct-19 100 Daaz.com
Goodtimes.in .IN 10-Oct-19 1253 Daaz.com
Marihuana.in .IN 11-Oct-19 100 Daaz.com
Kalyanam.in .IN 14-Oct-19 479 Daaz.com
Walls.in .IN 14-Oct-19 189 Daaz.com
Stage.in .IN 17-Oct-19 1057 Sedo
Siba.in .IN 18-Oct-19 65 Daaz.com
Nbl.co.in .CO.IN 18-Oct-19 115 Daaz.com
Daniel.in .IN 18-Oct-19 130 Daaz.com
Jvh.in .IN 21-Oct-19 75 Daaz.com
Eatfresh.in .IN 22-Oct-19 257 Daaz.com
Ziu.in .IN 28-Oct-19 580 Daaz.com
Mpt.in .IN 3-Nov-19 400 Private Sale
Fahad.in .IN 11-Nov-19 130 Daaz.com
Goodman.in .IN 14-Nov-19 9500 Sedo
Srishti.in .IN 25-Nov-19 2000 Sedo
Iqoption.in .IN 28-Nov-19 4200 Sedo
Acrylic.co.in .CO.IN 10-Dec-19 3000 Escrow
Indiatrip.in .IN 18-Dec-19 654 Daaz.com
Saving.in .IN 18-Dec-19 2000 Sedo
Srikakulam.in .IN 21-Dec-19 222 Daaz.com
Plaid.in .IN 22-Dec-19 1750 Daaz.com
800.in .IN 25-Dec-19 110 Sedo
168.in .IN 26-Dec-19 120 Sedo
Healthexpress.in .IN 28-Dec-19 656 Daaz.com
Roller.in .IN 31-Dec-19 660 Daaz.com

Note: Price in USD.

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