.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2020 Overview

In the year  2020, 236 .IN&.CO.IN domain names sold in the marketplaces like DaaZ.com, Sedo, Dan, Flippa, Platform.in, Private Sale,Inbackorder.com,AscendDomains.com,DNProperty.com. Out of two hundred thirty six domain sales 196 domain sales were from DaaZ.com 32 domain sales were from Sedo, 1 domain sale from Dan 1 domain sale from Flippa 2 domain sales were from Platform.in 1 domain is sod privately 1 domain sale from …

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.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2019 Overview

In the year  2019, 89 .IN&.CO.IN domain name sales took place in the marketplaces like DaaZ.com, Sedo and Escrow Service. Out of Eighty Eight domain sales, 40 domain sales were from Sedo,34 domain sales were from DaaZ.com, 7 from Dan,65 domain sales were from Private sale,1 from AscendDomains and 1 from Escrow service. The best sale of this year is “Finder.in“, it sold out for 15000USD at the Sedo …

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