A Combo of Two .co.in names sold for xxxxx USD **Verified

A nice sale of two .CO.IN domain names has been reported by the longest believer of .IN domain extension. He is one of the very few people who has believed the .IN domain extension potential from day 1 and stick to the same belief. He has promoted the .IN extension tiredlessly for several years across globe specially in western hemisphere. His passion and belief for .IN has rewarded with this fair sale, this is just the beginning of the future. Without wasting much of your time, Tyre.co.in and Tire.co.in domain names combo has been sold by Suresh Raghavan for a sum of 40000 USD.

Domains are registered in 2006. Suresh has believed the potential of these names with lot of confidence, i have spoken to him in the past about these two names. He has told me these are great names for him and one day he will fetch the fair price and the same day came here. In suresh own words: “

  • India is a growing and large tyre market , possibly a Top 3 market in 10 yrs
  • Premium domains for tyre market are extremely limited and there is growing competition for domain names
  • Pricing of .co.in domain names is going to be much higher as we move forward
  • Domain names such as Tyre.co.in and Tire.co.in will not lose their worth and will only increase over time. Great investment if you have over a 10 yr plan for India.
  • Also, all combinations Tyre, Tyres, Tire, Tires .in and .co.in are now with end users who are building websites”

It’s an awesome acquisition for the buyer too targeting such a large and growing market in India, buyer is a german company. Please join me congratulating both the buyer and seller 🙂


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