List of Developed Domain Names

Last two days has focused on developed names and analytics associated with the developed names, today we are focusing on the developed names . Overall 44 (4.4%) names either in use or forwarded to the working websites.  20 of those below names are developed and 24 are forwarded to different websites, per example is forwarded to vodafone store and is owned by Vodafone. is forwarded to , perhaps using the same as a URL shortner.  There are some of the names owned by few specific organisations however they are neither forwarded nor developed.  Also its evident that chinese businesses using some of the names , its an interesting trend noted by (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forwarded to (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forward) (Forwarded to store) (Forwarded to ) (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to (Forwarded to


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