Facts about 3n.IN (NNN.in) names

3N.in or NNN.in domain names are considered as a premium Numeric .IN domain names and its worth reviewing the same asset class closely.

  • Oldest NNN.in domain name as per records is 555.in, its registered on 14th February 2005 and at moment owned by CTBAT International Co. Limited
  • Several NNN.in names are getting used, had done a research article on the same on 13th June 2016, worth reading once – NNN.in names in use , possibly there could be small percentage of change compare to June 2016 data 
  • Overall 3N.in names possible are just 1000 names and also the shortest URL category possible ( available for public use)  in .IN extension  , it makes this one as a premium asset class due to low supply and combined with its use case
  • 127 unique email addresses together holding 1000 names on avg around 8 names per email address
  • Top 10 NNN.in domain name registars by the number of domain names they are holding

    Netlynx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (R62-AFIN) 276
    Crazy Domains FZ-LLC (R160-AFIN) 247
    Dynadot LLC (R117-AFIN) 156
    Name.com LLC (R65-AFIN) 64
    Endurance Domains Technology Pvt. Ltd. (R173-AFIN) 48
    GoDaddy.com, LLC (R101-AFIN) 34
    Business Solutions (R54-AFIN) 31
    eNom, Inc. (R46-AFIN) 28
    Online Nic (R8-AFIN) 18
    Realtime Register B.V. (R88-AFIN) 16

  • Registration date patterns
  • nnn-in_registrationdates

  • Most of the names are renewed for multiple years already ,worth noticing this trend
  • nnn-in_expirationdates

P.s:Article is based on the who is data produced on 18th November 2016.


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