DNC dropped lawsuit filed against Whois API

The Domain Name Commission (DNC) which manages the.NZ country-code domain name has sued the Whois information provider Whois API is also known as Whois XML API.

DNC dropped lawsuit filed against Whois API

DNC claims that the Whois API has accessed and stored .NZ whois records in violation of its terms of use.

As the Federal District judge ordered the DomainTools not to collect information and remove all the published data.

Now the Domain Name Commission (DNC) dropped a lawsuit filed against the Whois API when they have settled down the matter. As API removes.NZ records to settle the lawsuit.

Domain Name Wire has received a statement from the Domain Name Commissioner, Brent Carey

The statement says:

We are very pleased to announce that WhoisAPI and DNCL have been able to settle their dispute without the need for ongoing litigation.

Our agreement has resulted in WhoisAPI deleting all historical .nz WHOIS records and any related data or records that were formerly stored in its database or otherwise retained in its systems.

This is good news for .nz registrants and protection of their domain name privacy rights. WhoisAPI will not publish any non-current .nz WHOIS data.

We commend WhoisAPI on their open dialogue and good faith negotiations which led to the settlement. We hope more companies will take domain names owners privacy as seriously as WhoisAPI has now done.”



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