February 2017: Indian Startups – Domain Names Usage Analysis

48 newly funded Indian startups started in February month. More than 75% of these startup companies launched with a .COM address and 11% startup companies launched with a .IN address.
Remaining startups launched with different address like .IO .org .CO  .work address.

Trak.in is closely tracking the Indian startups funding data on monthly basis, our.in has considered the same data to generate the domain name extension analysis to find out the current trends of domain name usage by startups.

Kindly note, only startups raised seed funding in the month of February 2017 are considered for this domain name usage analysis. Please find out the further details below.

S.no: Startup  Name: Industry/ Vertical: City/ Location: Amount    (in USD): Domain Name: Extension:
1 Clodura Technology Pune N/A clodura.com .COM
2 Stockroom.io Consumer Internet Hyderabad N/A stockroom.io .IO
3 Capital Float Consumer Internet Banglore 2,500,000 capitalfloat.com .COM
4 iManageMyHotel Technology Kolkata N/A imanagemyhotel.com .COM
5 Inner Hour Consumer Internet Mumbai 450,000 theinnerhour.com .COM
6 Travel Triangle Consumer Internet Noida 10,000,000 traveltriangle.com .COM
7 Wandertrails Consumer Internet Banglore 1,000,000 wandertrails.com .COM
8 Zenatix Technology Gurgaon 1,200,000 zenatix.com .COM
9 Cartrade Consumer Internet Mumbai 55,000,000 cartrade.com .COM
10 MindYourFleet Technology Noida N/A mindyourfleet.com .COM
11 Edurev Consumer Internet Gurgaon 40,000 edurev.in .IN
12 Voonik ECommerce Banglore 6,000,000 voonik.com .COM
13 1Crowd Finance Mumbai N/A 1crowd.co .CO
14 Wooplr ECommerce Banglore 8,000,000 wooplr.com .COM
15 48East ECommerce Banglore 500,000 fortyeighteast.com .COM
16 Redesyn Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A redesyn.com .COM
17 Sigtuple Technology Banglore 5,800,000 sigtuple.com .COM
18 Flutura Technology Banglore 7,500,000 flutura.com .COM
19 Wassup Consumer Internet Chennai 3,200,000 wassupondemand.com .COM
20 Better Mortgage Consumer Internet Gurgaon 15,000,000 better.com .COM
21 Nurturey Consumer Internet NewDelhi 330,000 nurturey.com .COM
22 Fyle Technology Banglore 400,000 fyle.in .IN
23 GoBumpr Consumer Internet Chennai 300,000 gobumpr.com .COM
24 CCAvenue Consumer Internet Mumbai 22,400,000 ccavenue.com .COM
25 Connaizen Technology NewDelhi N/A connaizen.com .COM
26 Innov8 Consumer Internet NewDelhi N/A innov8.work .WORK
27 ZestMoney Consumer Internet Banglore 6,500,000 zestmoney.in .IN
28 AirZaar Technology Missourie 350,000 airzaar.com .COM
29 Truebil Consumer Internet Mumbai 3,000,000 truebil.com .COM
30 YourStory Consumer Internet Banglore 3,000,000 yourstory.com .COM
31 Imaginate Technology Hyderabad 500,000 imaginate.in .IN
32 The Ken Consumer Internet Banglore 400,000 the-ken.com .COM
33 Urban Ladder ECommerce Banglore 15,200,000 urbanladder.com .COM
34 Aisle Consumer Internet Banglore N/A aisle.co .CO
35 TownScript Consumer Internet Pune N/A townscript.com .COM
36 Leopetra ECommerce Mumbai 40,000 leopetra.com .COM
37 Blood n Care Consumer Internet Gurgaon 40,000 bloodncare.org  .org
38 Flipkart ECommerce Banglore 38,700,000 flipkart.com .COM
39 True Balance Consumer Internet Gurgaon 15,000,000 truebalance.io .IO
40 Vebbler Consumer Internet Banglore 40,000 vebbler.com .COM
41 Get My Parking Consumer Internet NewDelhi 1,100,000 getmyparking.com .COM
42 Lets Reap Consumer Internet Mumbai N/A letsreap.com .COM
43 Oglas Consumer Internet Noida N/A oglas.in .IN
44 Staydobe Consumer Internet Banglore N/A stayabode.com .COM
45 Biryani By Kilo Consumer Internet Gurgaon 3,75,000 biryanibykilo.com .COM
46 Johari Shop ECommerce Banglore 94,000 joharishop.com .COM
47 NeoStencil Consumer Internet NewDelhi 1,000,000 neostencil.com .COM
48 Blackbuck Logistics Banglore 30,000,000 blackbuck.com .COM

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Tech Startups by Domain Extension Percentage:

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