Flipkart India vs Amazon India – Domain Usage Analysis

Amazon India and Flipkart India are the two giant ecommerce companies competing with each other closely to gain the controls on Indian eCommerce market, we thought it may be interesting to analyse to understand the domain name usage by these two organisations.

Looking at the data Amazon India seems to be ahead on their strategy of domain names choosing for their business. On a different note, recently Sachin Bansal has acquired quietly Billion.in domain name with the help of Uniregistry team and looking like Flipkart is trying to catching up a bit on their domain name strategy.Clearly Flipkart India should focus on basic things like forwarding the traffic from Flipkart.in and Billion.in domain names to Flipkart.com. To win the competition it is quite vital for these organisations start acquiring the generic names to generate many more direct leads, per example amazon is forwarding all traffic from names like azn.in, amz.in , diapers.in , diapers.co.in generating more leads.

Usage Category: Flipkart India: Amazon India:
Primary Domain Name Flipkart.com Amazon.in
URL shortners NA Azn.in , Amz.in
Domains owned and not in use Flipkart.in, Billion.in , Flipkart.co.in GreatIndianSale.in
Forwards Billiondaysale.in, Flipkart.co.in Amazon.co.in
Generic Product Names NA Diapers.in , Diapers.co.in 

The above is not comprehensive list of all domain names used by Flipkart India or Amazon India, we did the best we can. Feel free to add additional names by commenting on this blog. All of your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Shiva, this is perfect. This would be a great tool across other industries and competitors as well. Keep up the great work

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