Happy 72nd Republic Day – Special Offer on .IN Registrations

It’s all about one-day free registration of .IN names:

We often come across news like  “Make a Wish Foundation or Some other foundation” that has made it possible for a small kid suffering from a special ailment to be a one-day IPS officer or one-day DGP..etc.  e.g:  On the occasion of the National Girl Child Day (24-Jan-2021), Srishti Goswami became the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for one day.   A lot of breaking news like that we often see in digital, print, and electronic media.

Do you ever wish to see a  free .IN domain name registrations for a day?

If you have such questions in your mind, definitely it’s worth going through the below details. Although it may not be completely free to .IN registrants but very close to that.

Mr. Anil Kumar Jain (NIXI CEO) and his .IN registry team is very keen on making.IN a successful extension and has taken a bold decision to offer free .IN registrations for a day.   It is not an easy decision, it’s clearly showing their passion towards making .IN successful.

On the eve of the 72nd  year of the Indian Constitution, .IN registry has announced the Republic Day Offer. This is a one-day special offer for all 1 year new registrations of the 2nd  level and 3rd  level .IN/.भारतdomains.

o  Second Level .IN/.भारतregistrations e.g. Our.in/उदाहरण.भारत

o  Third Level .IN/.भारतregistrations e.g. INB.co.in/उदाहरण.कपनी.भारत

The objective of this promotion is to grow the .IN namespace by providing the domain for FREE to all  .IN registrars for the 1-year duration, which would facilitate offering an attractive price of INR 99 + GST to the registrants to grow the .IN namespace exponentially.

Registrars have the right to charge any amount not exceeding 99 INR + GST for new domain name registrations for a day.

Let say if a registrar decided to charge 20 INR + GST – it’s going to simply cost 23.6 INR to the registrant.

Common service centers are going to offer this absolutely for free to the residents /citizens of India, very likely 1 name per 1 registrant.  Please visit diginame.in if you are looking to register for free.

.IN Registry also given the flexibility to registrars to Opt-in and Opt-out option for this promotion.  If they opt-out of the promo,  any registrations made from such registrars will be charged at the regular price of  350 INR + GST for .IN names and 250 INR + GST for .co.in names.

Promo start and end times:

  • Start Date: 00:00:00 (IST) 26 January 2021 i.e. 18:30:00 (UTC) 25 January 2021
  • End Date: 23:59:59 (IST) 26 January 2021 i.e. 18:29:59 (UTC) 26 January 2021

Terms and conditions

  • All .IN Registrars are eligible for this promotion program.
  • This program runs from 00:00:00 (IST) 26 January 2021 i.e. 18:30:00 (UTC) 25 January 2021 to 23:59:59 (IST) 26 January 2021 i.e. 18:29:59 (UTC) 26 January 2021 (One Day Only)
  • Republic Day Offer is applicable to 1 year new registrations of 2nd level and 3rd  level .IN/.भारतdomains only
  • The discounts are applicable to both .IN and IDNs and their respective zones.
  • Registrars will receive upfront “zero” pricing for 1 year new creates of 2nd level and 3rd  level .IN/.भारत

What is not clear about the promo so far?

  • .IN registry has not made it very clear how many names a max a registrant can register in one day
  • What if a registrant register a million names, is it will be treated as abuse?

OUR.in advise to domain investors and .IN registrants:

  • .IN Registry is sincerely trying to bring exponential growth into .IN , especially since Mr. Anil Kumar Jain joined as NIXI CEO.  .IN registry has brought in a number of initiatives to bring growth, a couple of them are mentioned below:
    • Helping the registrants whose names got stuck with net4 registrar  ( due to Net4 insolvency proceedings in court), .IN registry went ahead and offered one to one support to resolve the issues. First of its kind support since registry has started its operations.  Infact, .IN registry has moved faster than ICANN.
    • Brought a logical conclusion in resolving the Mitsu registrar suspension issue – releasing over 30k+ names from Nixi holding registrar to registrants, again set up a dedicated support process to offer the transfer service to registrants. Although some of the registrants quoted slight delays in response times, overall it’s a great initiative considering the COVID times.
    • INDRP arbitrators rotation system has implemented,  the intention behind this change is laudable.  OUR.in still believes there is a lot to improve in this space, especially the INDRP process to be revised to introduce 2.0. Our.in sincerely believes appointing  INDRP arbitrators based on age restrictions is a big flaw.  Ideally, talent should be the only criteria to choose the right arbitrators. Hope this feedback will be considered.
    • Multiyear renewal promotion is an excellent initiative and increases the retention rate in a huge way.
    • .Bharat IDNs are getting promoted with a lot of aggression, it helps those who love to see the domain names in their own local language
  • Domain investors have to extend the great support to .IN registry, as this promotion drive’s key objective is to increase the adoption rate of .IN usage, so please stay away from any bulk registration plans 

If you have a different perspective or has an extra bit of information from what is mentioned above, Please post your comment below 🙂




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