.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2020 Overview

In the year  2020, 236 .IN&.CO.IN domain names sold in the marketplaces like DaaZ.com, Sedo, Dan, Flippa, Platform.in, Private Sale,Inbackorder.com,AscendDomains.com,DNProperty.com.

Out of two hundred thirty six domain sales

  • 196 domain sales were from DaaZ.com
  • 32 domain sales were from Sedo,
  • 1 domain sale from Dan
  • 1 domain sale from Flippa
  • 2 domain sales were from Platform.in
  • 1 domain is sod privately
  • 1 domain sale from Inbackorder.com
  • 1 domain sale from Ascend Domains
  • 1 domain sale from DNProperty.com.

The best sale of this year is “Hop.in“, it sold out for 50000 USD at the Sedo on the 22nd of May 2020.

Domain sales-.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales 2020 overview

Domain Name Extension Date Price Venue
Ulearn.in .IN 2-Jan-20 655 DaaZ.com
Aesop.in .IN 5-Jan-20 1,125 Sedo
Reseller.in .IN 7-Jan-20 1,310 DaaZ.com
PayingGuest.in .IN 7-Jan-20 750 Sedo
Worldtrip.in .IN 10-Jan-20 100 DaaZ.com
Psx.in .IN 16-Jan-20 109 Sedo
Dxs.in .IN 16-Jan-20 110 Sedo
Rusembassy.in .IN 16-Jan-20 300 Sedo
Edit.in .IN 19-Jan-20 12,000 Dan
Huobi.in .IN 20-Jan-20 8,800 Sedo
Owo.in .IN 20-Jan-20 1,299 DaaZ.com
Afm.co.in .CO.IN 20-Jan-20 128 DaaZ.com
Mews.in .IN 21-Jan-20 70 DaaZ.com
Lunchbox.in .IN 27-Jan-20 783 DaaZ.com
Betcheck.in .IN 27-Jan-20 4,188 Sedo
Termlifeinsurance.in .IN 28-Jan-20 395 DaaZ.com
Onlinetravelinsurance.in .IN 28-Jan-20 450 DaaZ.com
Terminsuranceplans.in .IN 29-Jan-20 450 DaaZ.com
Insurancehealth.in .IN 29-Jan-20 500 DaaZ.com
Mansa.in .IN 31-Jan-20 310 DaaZ.com
Cannabliss.in .IN 4-Feb-20 300 DaaZ.com
Comparecarinsurance.in .IN 5-Feb-20 259 DaaZ.com
Healthinsuranceplanner.in .IN 6-Feb-20 325 DaaZ.com
Lifeinsurancequote.in .IN 8-Feb-20 210 DaaZ.com
Rehabs.in .IN 8-Feb-20 5,125 AscendDomains.com
Holidayclub.in .IN 10-Feb-20 239 DaaZ.com
Buybima.in .IN 22-Feb-20 350 DaaZ.com
Aroma.co.in .CO.IN 25-Feb-20 150 DaaZ.com
Cila.in .IN 1-Mar-20 190 DaaZ.com
Citytours.in .IN 2-Mar-20 204 DaaZ.com
Interiorplus.in .IN 2-Mar-20 383 DaaZ.com
Superkids.in .IN 5-Mar-20 208 DaaZ.com
N0de.in .IN 10-Mar-20 2,000 Flippa
Yogis.in .IN 13-Mar-20 175 DaaZ.com
Mask.in .IN 19-Mar-20 1,110 Sedo
Sharks.in .IN 25-Mar-20 100 DaaZ.com
Leaders.in .IN 4-Apr-20 1,840 DaaZ.com
Indu.in .IN 4-Apr-20 750 DaaZ.com
Tadka.in .IN 5-Apr-20 899 DaaZ.com
Cats.in .IN 6-Apr-20 3,000 Sedo
Cdlu.in .IN 8-Apr-20 600 DaaZ.com
Zay.in .IN 10-Apr-20 1,500 DaaZ.com
Isra.in .IN 11-Apr-20 100 DaaZ.com
Pit.in .IN 13-Apr-20 1,884 DaaZ.com
Virtualshopping.in .IN 14-Apr-20 250 DaaZ.com
Lafi.in .IN 14-Apr-20 100 DaaZ.com
Naturalhoney.in .IN 17-Apr-20 110 DaaZ.com
Fitnesstracker.in .IN 18-Apr-20 50 DaaZ.com
Farmer.in .IN 18-Apr-20 1,100 DaaZ.com
Navbharat.in .IN 18-Apr-20 1,631 DaaZ.com
Ceramics.in .IN 18-Apr-20 65 DaaZ.com
Hashtahg.co.in .CO.IN 18-Apr-20 70 DaaZ.com
Note.co.in .CO.IN 18-Apr-20 40 DaaZ.com
Hyd.in .IN 18-Apr-20 720 DaaZ.com
Optimizer.in .IN 18-Apr-20 40 DaaZ.com
Openschool.in .IN 22-Apr-20 750 DaaZ.com
S2s.in .IN 23-Apr-20 1,000 DaaZ.com
Farmers.co.in .CO.IN 24-Apr-20 225 DaaZ.com
Eventpass.in .IN 28-Apr-20 1,900 DaaZ.com
Tnn.in .IN 1-May-20 2,000 DaaZ.com
Rbo.in .IN 4-May-20 100 DaaZ.com
Jodo.in .IN 5-May-20 199 DaaZ.com
Farmers.in .IN 6-May-20 3,000 DaaZ.com
Mymy.in .IN 8-May-20 200 DaaZ.com
Trainings.in .IN 9-May-20 500 DaaZ.com
Garg.co.in .CO.IN 9-May-20 100 DaaZ.com
Featured.in .IN 10-May-20 50 DaaZ.com
Guaranteed.in .IN 10-May-20 70 DaaZ.com
Meaning.in .IN 10-May-20 100 DaaZ.com
Axf.in .IN 11-May-20 2,464 Sedo
Ride.in .IN 12-May-20 2,333 Sedo
Nbc.in .IN 12-May-20 4,010 Sedo
Audiovisual.in .IN 12-May-20 150 DaaZ.com
Ethics.in .IN 12-May-20 175 DaaZ.com
Inquire.in .IN 13-May-20 110 DaaZ.com
Telecon.in .IN 14-May-20 150 DaaZ.com
Tel.co.in .CO.IN 16-May-20 80 DaaZ.com
Ktv.in .IN 16-May-20 212 DaaZ.com
Axl.in .IN 16-May-20 140 DaaZ.com
Fni.in .IN 16-May-20 200 DaaZ.com
Veg.in .IN 16-May-20 1,000 DaaZ.com
Fisheries.in .IN 16-May-20 200 DaaZ.com
Jcp.in .IN 17-May-20 201 DaaZ.com
Nne.in .IN 18-May-20 105 DaaZ.com
Guy.co.in .CO.IN 19-May-20 109 DaaZ.com
Med.co.in .CO.IN 19-May-20 150 DaaZ.com
Ind.co.in .CO.IN 19-May-20 200 DaaZ.com
Seeking.in .IN 19-May-20 50 DaaZ.com
Paynow.in .IN 19-May-20 656 Sedo
Ewe.in .IN 19-May-20 110 DaaZ.com
Focal.in .IN 19-May-20 147 DaaZ.com
524.in .IN 19-May-20 160 DaaZ.com
Byc.in .IN 21-May-20 110 DaaZ.com
Vdo.in .IN 21-May-20 180 DaaZ.com
Age.in .IN 21-May-20 850 DaaZ.com
Easylab.in .IN 22-May-20 250 DaaZ.com
Hop.in .IN 22-May-20 50,000 Sedo
Babynames.in .IN 23-May-20 600 DaaZ.com
Ywq.in .IN 27-May-20 51 DaaZ.com
Gong.in .IN 27-May-20 600 DaaZ.com
Rudraksh.in .IN 30-May-20 434 DaaZ.com
Ffa.in .IN 30-May-20 175 DaaZ.com
Payouts.in .IN 31-May-20 150 DaaZ.com
Bucket.in .IN 31-May-20 232 DaaZ.com
Dgv.in .IN 31-May-20 750 DaaZ.com
Logger.in .IN 1-Jun-20 60 DaaZ.com
Meditations.in .IN 1-Jun-20 60 DaaZ.com
Pickle.in .IN 1-Jun-20 175 DaaZ.com
Transcript.in .IN 1-Jun-20 130 DaaZ.com
Scratch.in .IN 1-Jun-20 138 DaaZ.com
Tickle.in .IN 2-Jun-20 180 DaaZ.com
Input.in .IN 2-Jun-20 300 DaaZ.com
Challenge.in .IN 2-Jun-20 777 DaaZ.com
Execute.in .IN 2-Jun-20 333 DaaZ.com
Append.in .IN 2-Jun-20 175 DaaZ.com
Cookery.in .IN 2-Jun-20 180 DaaZ.com
Akw.in .IN 3-Jun-20 100 DaaZ.com
Mask.in .IN 7-Jun-20 2,160 DaaZ.com
Insurancecar.in .IN 8-Jun-20 175 DaaZ.com
Cloudbazaar.co.in .CO.IN 12-Jun-20 200 DaaZ.com
Erect.in .IN 16-Jun-20 131 DaaZ.com
Indianstore.in .IN 20-Jun-20 225 DaaZ.com
Fudi.in .IN 9-Jul-20 40 DaaZ.com
Qhb.in .IN 12-Jul-20 50 DaaZ.com
Emt.in .IN 12-Jul-20 200 DaaZ.com
Misa.in .IN 12-Jul-20 200 DaaZ.com
Gzp.in .IN 12-Jul-20 40 DaaZ.com
Juju.in .IN 13-Jul-20 2,000 DaaZ.com
Domainconsultant.in .IN 13-Jul-20 60 DaaZ.com
Ozy.in .IN 13-Jul-20 80 DaaZ.com
Kidszone.in .IN 14-Jul-20 100 DaaZ.com
Fine.co.in .CO.IN 14-Jul-20 50 DaaZ.com
Fashionshow.in .IN 14-Jul-20 50 DaaZ.com
Funzone.in .IN 14-Jul-20 50 DaaZ.com
Breakup.in .IN 14-Jul-20 60 DaaZ.com
Etv.in .IN 15-Jul-20 510 DaaZ.com
Fashionworld.in .IN 16-Jul-20 150 DaaZ.com
Fuel.co.in .CO.IN 16-Jul-20 100 DaaZ.com
Tja.in .IN 17-Jul-20 250 DaaZ.com
Payg.in .IN 17-Jul-20 2,000 DaaZ.com
Carinsure.in .IN 19-Jul-20 225 DaaZ.com
Soya.in .IN 21-Jul-20 100 DaaZ.com
Secondhandlaptops.in .IN 21-Jul-20 200 DaaZ.com
Secondhandlaptops.in .IN 21-Jul-20 200 DaaZ.com
Buylocal.in .IN 23-Jul-20 2,000 Sedo
Liqueurs.in .IN 24-Jul-20 2,415 DaaZ.com
Schnapps.in .IN 24-Jul-20 945 DaaZ.com
Indianwhisky.in .IN 24-Jul-20 1,050 DaaZ.com
Ssc.in .IN 24-Jul-20 1,865 Inbackorder.com
Iyers.in .IN 24-Jul-20 1,994 DaaZ.com
Fake.in .IN 26-Jul-20 300 DaaZ.com
Invincible.in .IN 27-Jul-20 1,920 DaaZ.com
Proof.in .IN 27-Jul-20 299 DaaZ.com
Smartshop.in .IN 28-Jul-20 1,535 DaaZ.com
Onlinecreditcard.in .IN 1-Aug-20 200 Daaz.com
Laundaryclub.in .IN 3-Aug-20 495 DaaZ.com
Taal.in .IN 4-Aug-20 5,500 Sedo
Coherent.in .IN 4-Aug-20 450 DaaZ.com
Seedfunding.in .IN 6-Aug-20 220 DaaZ.com
Beers.in .IN 6-Aug-20 3,450 Sedo
Titi.in .IN 8-Aug-20 2,000 DaaZ.com
Welcome.in .IN 10-Aug-20 4,266 Sedo
Mirchi.in .IN 10-Aug-20 999 DaaZ.com
Originals.in .IN 10-Aug-20 217 DaaZ.com
S4s.in .IN 12-Aug-20 522 DaaZ.com
Ihx.in .IN 14-Aug-20 1,500 DaaZ.com
Healthinsuranceplan.in .IN 15-Aug-20 261 DaaZ.com
Athome.in .IN 16-Aug-20 500 DaaZ.com
Healthinsurancepolicy.in .IN 17-Aug-20 630 DaaZ.com
Craftbeers.in .IN 17-Aug-20 1,260 DaaZ.com
Gstn.in .IN 20-Aug-20 510 Sedo
Sexvideo.in .IN 24-Aug-20 2,599 Sedo
Simon.in .IN 25-Aug-20 4,492 Sedo
Myfitness.in .IN 25-Aug-20 3,500 Sedo
Blogspot.in .IN 26-Aug-20 5,999 Sedo
Woodsy.in .IN 28-Aug-20 138 DaaZ.com
Sweety.in .IN 30-Aug-20 655 DaaZ.com
Vlogger.in .IN 31-Aug-20 105 DaaZ.com
Aquarian.in .IN 2-Sep-20 100 DaaZ.com
Woo.in .IN 2-Sep-20 925 DaaZ.com
Subscriber.in .IN 2-Sep-20 150 DaaZ.com
Audience.in .IN 2-Sep-20 150 DaaZ.com
Satisfy.in .IN 2-Sep-20 150 DaaZ.com
Releases.in .IN 2-Sep-20 150 DaaZ.com
Theweb.in .IN 6-Sep-20 200 DaaZ.com
Aspiring.in .IN 7-Sep-20 240 DaaZ.com
Employeemonitoring.in .IN 9-Sep-20 105 DaaZ.com
Employeetracking.in .IN 9-Sep-20 105 DaaZ.com
Minimax.in .IN 9-Sep-20 2,000 Sedo
Lifeinsuranceonline.in .IN 11-Sep-20 176 DaaZ.com
Incense.in .IN 16-Sep-20 7,749 DaaZ.com
Preciousmoments.in .IN 16-Sep-20 256 DaaZ.com
Payfast.in .IN 17-Sep-20 200 DaaZ.com
Sfp.in .IN 17-Sep-20 200 DaaZ.com
Marathinews.in .IN 18-Sep-20 525 DaaZ.com
Areyou.in .IN 19-Sep-20 1,938 DaaZ.com
Samskara.in .IN 19-Sep-20 600 DaaZ.com
Truly.in .IN 21-Sep-20 1,400 DaaZ.com
Jiga.in .IN 24-Sep-20 150 DaaZ.com
Grandtour.in .IN 26-Sep-20 101 DaaZ.com
Creditbazaar.in .IN 29-Sep-20 1,400 DaaZ.com
Sathyam.in .IN 1-Oct-20 200 DaaZ.com
Fireinsurance.in .IN 4-Oct-20 500 DaaZ.com
Goya.in .IN 14-Oct-20 400 DaaZ.com
Fundamental.in .IN 14-Oct-20 3,000 Sedo
Propertyadviser.co.in .CO.IN 17-Oct-20 100 DaaZ.com
Entrepreneurs.in .IN 18-Oct-20 400 DaaZ.com
Crux.in .IN 19-Oct-20 1,000 DaaZ.com
Globalmart.in .IN 19-Oct-20 300 DaaZ.com
Hotair.in .IN 24-Oct-20 100 DaaZ.com
Shriji.in .IN 24-Oct-20 100 DaaZ.com
Melv.in .IN 27-Oct-20 927 DaaZ.com
Joseph.in .IN 28-Oct-20 300 DaaZ.com
Gaminglaptops.in .IN 3-Nov-20 110 DaaZ.com
Pritam.in .IN 5-Nov-20 286 DaaZ.com
Aladdin.in .IN 6-Nov-20 400 DaaZ.com
Fbr.in .IN 8-Nov-20 140 DaaZ.com
Rehab.in .IN 8-Nov-20 17,000 Platform.in
Napkin.in .IN 9-Nov-20 180 Sedo
Ldf.in .IN 9-Nov-20 140 DaaZ.com
Psc.in .IN 12-Nov-20 2,000 Sedo
Vpn.in .IN 22-Nov-20 25,000 Platform.in
Ebo.co.in .CO.IN 22-Nov-20 4,000 DNProperty.com
Frontrow.in .IN 24-Nov-20 525 DaaZ.com
Repose.in .IN 24-Nov-20 5,557 DaaZ.com
Bazaar.in .IN 25-Nov-20 10,000 Sedo
Eris.in .IN 30-Nov-20 3,800 Sedo
Sexdoll.in .IN 2-Dec-20 298 DaaZ.com
Cliq.in .IN 5-Dec-20 5,500 Sedo
Matter.in .IN 6-Dec-20 6,700 Private Sale
Payco.in .IN 21-Dec-20 9,500 Sedo
Internship.co.in .CO.IN 25-Dec-20 1,500 DaaZ.com
Rooted.in .IN 30-Dec-20 500 DaaZ.com
System.in .IN 30-Dec-20 3,408 Sedo
Bestjobs.in .IN 31-Dec-20 1,500 DaaZ.com

Note: Price in USD.

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