Indian Internet Service Provider using .in Extension

Tikona Infinet Limited, well know as Tikona, is a Mumbai based Internet service provider in India. It is an all-India Class-A ISP licensed Company, famously known for broadband services in the major cities of India. The domain name strategy playing by Tikon is quite interesting.

Tikona Internet Service Provider Domain name Strategy

Tikona official website is , but it holds multiple domain names like,, and According to Whois, and domain names were registered on 2008-05-23. was already owned by someone on 2007-06-05, but Tikona in 2008 as a startup company might felt .in extension has more visibility in India and settled with .in and domain name extensions.

Internet Service Provider
Tikona – Internet Service Provider

Later in 2011, 3 years after its launch Tikona Infinet limited bought and domain names on 2011-12-12 followed by on 2011-12-29. As the company growth increased after the three years of launch, Tikona might have plans to expand its services to major cities in India and acquired all the popular extensions like .in , and .com

This story of Tikona giving a clear picture that, during the initial stages of any company .in extension is enough to promote its branding in India. Tikona Infinet Limited is the best example for it.


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