JULY -.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales Overview

In the month of July, 12 .IN&.CO.IN domain name sales took place in the marketplaces like DaaZ.com and Sedo. Out of Twelve domain sales, 7 domain sales were from DaaZ.com and 5 from Sedo.

The best sale of the month is “Superstore.co.in“, which sold out for 15000 USD at Sedo on the 16th of July 2021.

JULY-.IN & .CO.IN Domain Name Sales overview

After the Superstore.co.in the next best sale is the Walton.in sold for 9800 on 1-July-2021 at Sedo.

The Superstore.in sold for 7500 USD on 29-July-2021 at Sedo.

The Hac.in sold for 5870 USD on 9-July-2021 at Sedo.

The Sportnews.in sold for 2500 USD on 2-July-2021 at Sedo.

The Fjs.in sold for 13795 USD on 2-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Turtle.in sold for 1221 USD on 23-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Jobalert.in sold for 1150 USD on 24-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Ksh.in sold for 1000 USD on 7-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Homs.in sold for 500 USD on 2-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Homebasics.in sold for 275 USD on 2-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

The Greenearth.in sold for 155 USD on 7-July-2021 at DaaZ.com.

Domain Name Price Date Venue
Superstore.co.in 15000 16-Jul-21 Sedo
Walton.in 9800 1-Jul-21 Sedo
Superstore.in 7500 29-Jul-21 Sedo
Hac.in 5870 9-Jul-21 Sedo
Sportnews.in 2500 2-Jul-21 Sedo
Fjs.in 1379 2-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Turtle.in 1221 23-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Jobalert.in 1150 24-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Ksh.in 1000 7-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Homs.in 500 2-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Homebasics.in 275 2-Jul-21 DaaZ.com
Greenearth.in 155 7-Jul-21 DaaZ.com

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