Karachi Bakery following a Great Domain Name Strategy

Karachi Bakery is undoubtfully the famous bakery in Hyderabad. It has almost 20 branches in the Hyderabad region itself. Just like the fruit biscuits in Karachi bakery, their domain name strategy also tastes good for the digital tongues.

Karachi Bakery following a great domain name strategy

Domain Name Strategy of Karachi Bakery

Registered On:2005-09-30

Registered On:2005-09-30

Registered On:2003-04-28

Registered On: 2003-04-28

The company using karachibakery.com as their primary domain name and remaining domain names to redirect to the main website.

It’s good to see companies following some interesting domain name strategies from the past years. However, good to see the increased usage on .in & .co.in domain name extensions.

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