Know the difference between Marketplace BIN & Direct Inbound

Many domain investors put their domain names for sale on marketplace platforms such as Sedo, Undeveloped, Uniregistry, etc., with the BIN prices. But sometimes they can get inbound offers too.

Know the difference between Marketplace BIN & Direct Inbound

If the domain name sells with one of the platforms, it is automatically transferred or pushed to the buyer or the seller needs to ease the domain transfer or push.

These platforms look after the payment disbursal and manage the transfer or account change to the buyer. Basically, this process is very convenient for the seller.

Marketplace bin vs. Direct inbound

Whereas, in an inbound inquiry when a seller makes deals with a buyer, it takes a lot of work for closing the deal. It leads to the buyer and seller negotiation.

In case when a particular deal is struck, the seller needs to put his lot of time and energy to make the deal final and proceed with the transaction. Also, the seller needs to hang the escrow and take care of the transfer of the domain name.

This will all just lead to a time-consuming process. The seller may also need to educate about the escrow. The seller needs to make sure to the buyer that there are no issues with the domain name transfer.

A lot of time consumes while looking after the contract back and forth. This will be common with the bigger the company the more issues with the contract.

On other hands, if we see there is a lot of efforts need to make in managing a private sale than a BIN platform sale.

This may result in premium domain names. The domain registrants may ask for a high price than the marketplace platforms when a buyer approaches them directly. It needs more efforts so obviously, it will be more expensive.

In addition to this, the seller is getting enough time to carefully understand the domain name whether the BIN price is fair.

In that case, the buyer may also look carefully for the different prices before dealing with the seller, then it will turn into sticky. Which may lead to the buyer to call the seller’s ethics about pricing into question. However, the seller can explain the extra time and efforts kept into dealing.

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