Meet the Namecheap Registrar new Beast mode tool

A most popular domain name registrar Namecheap recently released a new bulk domain search tool known as Beast Mode. The Beast Mode gives amazing search results for the bulk domain search and also for registrations.

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Meet the Namecheap Registrar Beast mode tool

Namecheap's new Beast mode tool

All you need to know about the features of the Beast Mode are

1.Mobile friendly

It was designed to be used on both mobile and desktop.

2. Incredible search limits

The search limits are incredible. you can search up to to 5000 domains or keywords at once.

3. Fast

It shows the search results very fast.

4. Amazing new ideas

The Namecheap’s tool provides you to create domain hacks and also provides the prefixes and suffixes helping in thinking new ideas.

5. Finds quickly the hidden gems

The search results from the groups and quickly eliminates the premium domains from search results. It provides the best domain names in search results.

6. Collaboration on search results

Namecheap’s Share search feature helps to collaborate on searches wherever a team or company is based.

How the UX looks like

Namecheap's new Beast mode tool

You have two options here, either you can directly enter the domain name into the search box or you can click that small file icon to the right, it uploads a CSV file as shown above in the picture.

They have some unique options such as “Use Domain Hacks” and “Drop Last Vowel” which is something new, which helps to refine a search.

If you got excited to see it click here 



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