Account Termination – Stay Order from HighCourt

We have covered about the registar account termination news in the previous post. Yesterday, we have received the feedback from domain name registrants that they couldn’t transfer the domain names out of The same feedback has triggered the curiosity in our end, as a matter of fact few of the domain name owners were able to transfer the names out of and why not now? We have investigated further to find out the details and has suspected a possible judicial stay order on the termination of the registar account. We have searched the high court websites and finally we come across this stay order in Bombay High Court website.

PDF Copy of the Account Termination.
Source: has the highest faith in the law of land , we sincerely believe an amicable resolution will be found for this one in the best interests of the registrants. We request the registrants not get panicked by the issue. NIXI always takes the lead in protecting the rights of registrants , so have faith in NIXI. We also believe protect their customers interests at the same time. Have faith in all parties and “TIME IS THE ONLY CURE”.

Looking like point of view has been heard by Honouranble highcourt bench comprising of “Mr SHANTANU KEMKAR & Mr G.S. KULKARNI, JJ.” and has scheduled for next hearing on 20th November.

Few FAQs are answered considering the domain registrants interest.

What will happen to my names due for renewal? Will i loose my names and my websites will get impacted?

– If any of your names at Mitsu Inc registar are getting expired , those names will be prohibited from deletion or renewal or transfer by IN registry. It means your names are safe. In terms of your websites they will continue to work as they are working today until unless you are changing your website hosting provider. Name server updates are not possible in the current situation.

Isn’t it a violation of the registrant rights for prohibiting the renewal or transfer or not allowing to the update to the name servers?

– In our view , yes its a clear violation of the registrant rights. Registrants are not the party to any dispute here , more of the victims in this particular issue. Domain name owners are free to exercise what they believe right in terms of choosing the period of renewal up to 10 years (as per registrant agreement) or transfer the domain name to the choice of registar or chosing a hosting provider. On a different note as an impacted business has the right to protect their business interests , so overall the situaiton itself is turned to be a tricky one. TIME IS THE ONLY MEDICINE.

How long it may take to see the complete resolution of the issue from registrants point of view?

– We believe its hard to say , as the matter is with in the controls of Honorable High Court. At times the court disputes can prolong for many months or could be years too. The other hand in the order , clearly the next hearing is due 20th Nov. So we are hoping this particular issue will be resolved by November month end. Exihibiting the optimism is the best the registrants can do for now.

Disclaimer: We are no experts of the law or this particualr dispute. We are only trying to help the domain name registrants to the best of our knowledge. Please do not consider any part of the above article as a legal advice , rather consider this as an opinion expressed by editor.



  1. Thanks for details and updating registrants, We at Mitsu is always committed to registrant first policy, We are committed to all registrant’s domain names safety and security , We are trying our best to give access to your domain name.

    As said in article time is the only medicine and we too say the same, Please wait all facts will be presented to you with all evidences and then you decide who is culprits and who is destroying your investments.

    There are few black sheeps among us and we need not to give names of these people , you all know them, they donot have any investment on .IN domain names but they are destroying your investment. Please wait they are exposed and punished very soon.

    • Sanjeev, Good to hear from you. Some of my renewals are stuck. Could you please may be send some sort of an email to clarify such situations. I know you may not be having clarity at the moment, but just a simple email from your lawyers will improve customer loyalty.

  2. I had initiated transfer of domains and paid the charges and all. But because those *.in domains, which were directly under the, were overtaken by NIXI, the transfer stopped midway. But I had also some domains which were not directly under the, although I registered them via . And I had no problems getting the Domain Secret number and unlocking them from my control panel. I even initiated transfer, paid the transfer charges, and was well on my way to transfer them, and even got the final Do-not-reply emails from the respective registrars . But then I got the High Court order in hand, which put a stay on the termination of . What particularly caught my attention, was the two words, “impugned order”, in 3rd statement of the High Court order :

    “We record the statement made by the learned counsel for the Respondent Nos. 1 and 3 that no further action/steps in pursuance to the impugned order of termination shall be taken henceforth by the Respondents till the next date of hearing.”

    “impugned order” means an order whose motive is disputed/questionable/false. Then, keeping in view of that, I cancelled the transfers via links in the Do-not-reply emails. I thought hey let’s see, ‘if my domain registrar is not letting it go without a fight (legal)’, let’s see as for now.

    Note : This if for “Sanjeev Goyal – Mitsu” ::-
    Sir I had sent few emails (request supports) to, but I did not get any reply. Please make sure to reply or inform us officially, so that we, customers, at least do not remain confused about the issue.

  3. NIXI has cancelled all outgoing transfers from Mitsu, can a domain be moved to another Mitsu account

  4. Update from .IN registry to the registrants has issued.

    *************************************** We are sharing for registrants Reference****************

    Dear .IN Domain Name Registrant (under Mitsu Inc.)

    This is to inform you that in view of the directions passed by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court vide order dated November 7, 2017, in the matter Sanjeev Ramniwas Goyal v National Internet Exchange of India & Ors. [Writ Petition (L) No. 3000 of 2017], directing National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) not to take further action/steps in pursuance to the impugned order of termination, henceforth NIXI shall not be able to process any transfer request of your .IN domain name presently under “NIXI Holding Account” , till further directions from the Hon’ble Court.

    Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us and include the string: ref:–edited——– in the body of all future correspondence with regards to this ticket. To do so, you may simply reply to this message.


    .IN Registry Relations
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: +91-11-4644-8888
    Fax: +91-11-4644-8844

    • I have not received any message from NIXI regarding domain name transfers of .in domain names with Mitsu, when was this email received

      • I think may be issued to the registrants who has contacted the registry support for unlocking domain names , may be not issued to all.

        • My domain transfer to dynadot was cancelled and I did not get any email, do you have any information when the matter is likely to get resolved. Did .in registrants get any reply from nixi to their support tickets.

          • We have received a response to our support ticket, cant speak for everyone though. Perhaps worth waiting for one more week as the hearing is scheduled for 20th , further details will be shared based on the court decision.

  5. There are many registrants who have to pay credit card and other bills and cannot wait for long till the court takes a decision, they are losing money due to the delay

  6. 🛑 Update on Mitsu’s Termination Case: The hearing was supposed to be on 20th November however due to the court not being enough time, the hearing could not be done.

    Here’s what the official order from Bombay High Court Says:

    Sanjeev Ramniwas Goyal ….Petitioner
    National Internet Exchange of India and 3 Ors …. Respondent
    DATE : 20th November, 2017
    P.C. :
    Due to paucity of time the matter is adjourned as per CMIS date.
    Ad-interim relief if any to continue till then.

    So, looks like all registrants have no luck and the domains of all registrants at Mitsu are stuck until 9 March 2018. Official copy of the court’s order can be accessed from

  7. I have contacted Inregistry repeatedly and they are unable to reply to questions , they say they have forwarded the query to NIXI.

  8. Any update ? Its look like still we are not able to transfer domains not renew…!!

    I have few which are in deletion period!!

    • Hello Jangesh,Not yet..but check your domain name status if it is mitsu( sponsoring registrar showing like “Nixi Holding Account”)..if its not those names are with business solutions and we have possible chances to renew those names..if any thing Let me know…Thanks

  9. Hi,
    What’s the update of the matter with court cases? Is it resolved? As my domains are stucked and some expired and couldn’t loging to my account and the mitsu team is not picking my phone too. Any suggestion ?

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