Registar Account Termination – Nixi Communication

It’s been some tough last few days for registrants , we are providing the details in the sequence we have noticed them. Clearly the domain name registrants are impacted by this one to some extent.

How it’s unfolded over last few days?
26th October : Few domain name registrants has posted in social media groups and forums that they cant modify / update the domain name servers details or unlock their domain names in the registar. Few domain name registrants has contacted the support. support team has provided a response that “We are working closely with the registry to understand the nature of the issue and very likely its a technical glitch. We will revert to you once we have further updates”
27th October: Few members in social media private groups and domain name forums has posted the registrant name is changed to “NIXI Holding Account (R189-AFIN)” from “Mitsu” , this has triggered a panic situation among domain name registrants
28th to 29th October: support team couldn’t provide the exact details of this action and neither NIXI team is available to respond as it was a weekend and also few of the NIXI officials are attending ICANN Conference in Abu Dhabi.
29th October: Domain Name Owners Association of India (DNOAi) has issued a statement in social media groups that the domain names are safe they are working with the NIXI to protect the rights of domain name registrants
30th October – All impacted domain name registrants has received the below published email from NIXI.
30th October – Some of the Domain Name registrants has contacted the registrty support team requesting the “Auth Codes” as stated in their email. An automated ticket has been created and the same has communicated to respective registrants.
31st October – Registrants are waiting to receive the authentication codes from IN registry or allowing them to move their domain names to the choice of their registar.

We sincerely hope this will close amicably. It is quite unfortunate incident, a very long standing registar of .IN extension is impacted along with the registrants. We don’t have the facts behind why this action has taken by NIXI? We sincerely believe the truth will be shared to all the registrants in a transparent way one fine day.

Registry, registars, resellers and domain name registrants together make a strong ecosystem of any extension. A strong extension need a strong ecosystem. Please dont get panicked for now, at times the time is the only medicine to heal. Let’s give a bit of time for both registar and registry to work together to resolve this issue amicably. We sincerely believe none of the users names will be impacted and .IN registry certainly protects the rights of registrants.

We are sharing the email received from NIXI to all of the impacted registrants for your quick reference.

“Dear Registrant / Customer,

This is to inform that the registrar account of your current registrar – Mitsu Inc. has been terminated by National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI) which manages the .IN Registry.

In view of the termination, your registrar will not be able to provide you any domain management services for .IN or .भारत (in all supported languages).

In order to protect your rights and commercial interests,.IN Registry hereby informs you to transfer your domain(s) to an alternate Accredited Registrar of .IN Registry of your choice. Please view the link below for the list of registrars –

You may contact your preferred new registrar on your own for transferring your domain(s) and follow the process as may be advised by the new registrar.

Meanwhile to maintain continuity, .IN Registry is taking over the control of your domain names and if you require any changes to your existing contact details or Nameserver associated with your domain name, you are requested to send an email from your registrant email id, as reflecting in whois records to [email protected].

While moving to a new registrar, you are requested to contact .IN Registry to obtain your domain authorization or “AUTH CODE” – which will be required by the new registrar to initiate transfer of your domain(s).

You are requested to complete the transfer process in the next 15 days from the date of this email. If not, .IN Registry will initiate its own process to transfer your domain to another registrar as may be determined by .IN Registry.

Sincerely yours,
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
Support Email: [email protected]



  1. one of the domain name owner has notified that he has received the auth codes and initiated the transfer successfully. Verifying the who is showing pending transfer, looking like some progress on the same.

    Domain Name:CHANA.CO.IN
    Created On:03-Mar-2012 20:33:18 UTC
    Last Updated On:31-Oct-2017 14:06:56 UTC
    Expiration Date:03-Mar-2021 20:33:18 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:NIXI Holding Account (R189-AFIN)

    • correction on the above comment, here are the true words from domain owner of ” i received no Auth codes from NIXI, just a support ticket number. Transfer was already initiated yesterday, failed, dynadot said will retry once every day. Today I emailed NIXI FLfrom my whois, they unlocked only, and did not emailed me. (i understood they must be recieving tons of emails, and need to verify if it is actually from WHOIS address). Auth Code was from Mitsu Panel itself”

  2. If you are considering to transfer your domain names away from , follow the below outlined process

    Please email to [email protected] to unlock your domain name , kindly note it may take some time to unlock. In the mean time you can try try the below.

    1) Login into your account , collect the authentication code ( domain secret or epp code)
    2) Initiate the domain name to the choice if your registar
    3) An approval email will trigger to the domain owners email address. Once the domain owner approve the domain name transfer , very likely the status to be changed to “Pending Transfer”

    If you notice the status is not changed to pending transfer , worth emailing to [email protected] to unlock your domain name, this way you can complete your domain name transfer to the choice of your registar. Kindly note and registry are extending very good support. The issue is getting resolved much better than what we have anticipted this morning. We have few confirmations on the above process is working as expected.

    • Are you sure that Auth Code will be from Mitsu control panel and not from NIXI?
      ” Login into your account , collect the authentication code ( domain secret or epp code)”

      • This is what worked for few registrants who has tried .. we have just reported what has been tried by the owners and proven the domain status is changed to “Pending Transfer” – Please check who is details you can see yourself. Personally i have tried with a domain name owned by us also, it worked for us too.

        • Problem is that, NIXI has marked all of them as “renew prohibited”, so transfer will happen without adding one more year at the time of transfer,right?But the registrar who will get the name,asks for funds to transfer.

          • NIXI seems to be updated the names status today , perhaps a stay order from law enforcement agency or could be some other reasons behind the status is getting updated. Lets give few more days and see how it goes. As per as the name , it got one year renewal also along with the transfer. the same for the name we have transferred too.

  3. So do we need to transfer all our domain to other registry website?

    • Choice is yours. You can either transferout or wait for the NIXI handing over these names to the new registar. As per the email NIXI has sent , around Nov 15th a new registar likely to be selected to manage these names. If you dont want to transfer out , please wait until that time. We believe some registrants are transfering them out , many of them are waiting for NIXI appointing a new custodian for their assets. Kindly note , not all registrants are ready to pay the transfer fees, thats likely be the deciding factor in this one.

  4. It seems that even for domains transferred out of Mitsu, they are now locked at registry level. For instance the domain, transferred to Dynadot, is in ‘TRANSFER PERIOD’ and ‘DELETE PROHIBITED’, ‘RENEW PROHIBITED’, ‘TRANSFER PROHIBITED’ at the same time.

    I think this is not related to the standard 60-days lock period after transfer. Nixi blocked all Mitsu names, even those that have already been transferred out.

    Domain Name:ANABOLIC.IN
    Created On:04-Mar-2016 20:01:19 UTC
    Last Updated On:06-Nov-2017 20:32:27 UTC
    Expiration Date:04-Mar-2019 20:01:19 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Dynadot LLC (R117-AFIN)

  5. I had a domain which was not locked and I could transfer to resellerclub with the author code from mitsu account. Although the transfer took 9 days.

  6. Kumar Web Developments

    This is an extremely bad situation for the registrants! Many registrants are relying on NIXI to protect their rights as the rightful domain name owners. Many whom have already transferred their names as per the initial email from NIXI still have not got full access and control back of their names, with the names are still being held in a ‘prohibited’ status, even though they are now with new NIXI recommended registrars! WHAT IS GOING ON? Whatever Mitsu has done, this is not the fault of the registrants. They should be given control back of their names right??

    I feel that NIXI should be doing far more to protect the registrants. I hope that they are working on doing so over the next few days so that the registrants are given back control of their names before the court case becomes a long tedious affair. The registrants are not involved in whatever the issue is with Mitsu, therefore they should be given back control of their domain names that they have rightfully paid for.

    I fully understand the need to transfer out from Mitsu and for NIXI to encourage the transfer out but to still keep the names in a ‘frozen’ status AFTER they have already been transferred out is ridiculous. Many of us have complied with the NIXI instructions yet we still DO NOT have access to full control of our names!

    I am hoping that NIXI will move forward on protecting the rights of the domain name owners in this regards. Many of the owners such as myself have current website developments occurring on these names and we have now come to a standstill due to these issues, which is why we need this sorting out asap.

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