NamesCon’s Global Expansion – NamesCon India and NamesCon China

NamesCon founded in 2013 by Richard Lau and supported by Jothan Frakes, NamesCon indeed the world’s biggest domaining industry event and it has earned undisputed reputation among world wide domain name investment community.

NamesCon is acquired by World Hosting Day (WHD), the world’s biggest hosting conference in the year of 2016. Later Godaddy has acquired the World Hosting Day’s parent company “Host Europe Group (HEG)”, at the time of acquisition Godaddy announced “It will continue to operate NamesCon and World Hosting Day independently and invest in their continued growth.”. NamesCon going global indeed showing Godaddy is committed towards growing the “NamesCon” brand.

There are two NamesCon events planned outside of United States this year, first one is NamesCon India and the second one is NamesCon China. I believe NamesCon team is quite smart to choose India for its strategic expansion as they clearly aware there is huge untapped market with little competition. India’s domain name industry is still at early stages however there is a massive potential for growth. Who can afford to miss one of the future one Billion Internet users market?

World Hosting Days is organising the hosting conference and NamesCon India together , its scheduled for May 19th 2017 at Mumbai, India.

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Further details on NamesCon India: Please access the Official Website of NamesCon.

NamesCon China:
NamesCon China event further details are yet to be announced however what is confirmed so far is the planned NamesCon China event on September 28th, 2017. Further news will be shared by NamesCon team in coming months. If you want a multi-event discount including NamesCon 2018 one together, just get in touch with Terri Potratz at [email protected].


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